Bridging Disciplinary Boundaries (January 11 - 14, 2007)

Saturday, January 13, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
Pacific C (Hyatt Regency San Francisco)
Bridging Disciplinary Boundaries: Development and Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Social Work Research Center
Speakers/Presenters:Jonathan Tubman, PhD, Florida International University
Eric F. Wagner, PhD, Florida International University
Andrés G. Gil, PhD, Florida International University
Mark Macgowan, PhD, Florida International University
Ray Thomlison, PhD, Florida International University
Michie N. Hesselbrock, PhD, University of Connecticut
Abstract Text:
The purpose of the proposed roundtable is to provide a forum in which to (a) present information regarding the development and implementation of a successful interdisciplinary social work research center, (b) discuss the promises and challenges of such a center within a rapidly evolving doctoral-extensive research university environment and, (c) have an open discussion with research professionals concerning the applicability of the model presented to their schools of social work. The Community-Based Intervention Research Group (C-BIRG), affiliated with the School of Social Work, the Department of Psychology, and School of Public Health at Florida International University (FIU), is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary research group devoted to the design, implementation, and evaluation of community-based interventions for substance use and related problems impacting multicultural urban populations. With the support of extramural funding, the main goal of C-BIRG is to bridge applied clinical science, state-of-the-art methodologies, and public health research approaches, in order to address pressing prevention and treatment research issues. Key foci of C-BIRG include: promotion and evaluation of community-based intervention research with multicultural populations; development and testing of innovative intervention models using state-of-the-art methodologies; mentorship and training of students and community professionals in community-based interventions; and, promotion of university-community liaisons and research opportunities in community-based intervention efforts. The goals of C-BIRG are being addressed in the context of five on-going, NIH-funded research projects, all involving community-based interventions for social problems facing multicultural urban populations. In the proposed roundtable discussion, dialogue among participants will be divided into three segments. The three segments and related discussion content will include: 1.Description of C-BIRG, its research mission, and goals •The origins and development of C-BIRG •Research mission and goals •The implementation of C-BIRG within a school of social work •Ongoing program of research, training, and outreach 2.Promises and challenges in the development and implementation of C-BIRG •Opportunities for collaboration with interdisciplinary group of researchers on complex social problems •Multicultural community location of FIU a natural laboratory for intervention research with vulnerable minority groups •Fit between stated research missions of C-BIRG and FIU •Presence of a “critical mass” of researchers to coalesce core themes, goals •Training needs and opportunities in critically underserved communities •Need for “buy-in” from administration at all levels •Challenges related to funding stability •Changing university environments and priorities •Maintaining cohesion in an interdisciplinary research group 3.Open discussion among social work researchers •Generalizability of C-BIRG model, experience •Consideration of other models from other schools of Social Work •Discussion of opportunities and challenges within research university environments Participants: •Eric Wagner (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology), Jonathan Tubman (Ph.D., Lifespan Development), Andres Gil (Ph.D., Medical Sociology), and Mark MacGowan (Ph.D., Social Work) •Ray Thomlison, Executive Dean, College of Health and Urban Affairs •Michie Hesselbrock, Professor & Doctoral Program Chair, School of Social Work, University of Connecticut, Discussant

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