Bridging Disciplinary Boundaries (January 11 - 14, 2007)

Friday, January 12, 2007: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM
Pacific L (Hyatt Regency San Francisco)
Implementing Harm Reduction with Dually Diagnosed Homeless Adults: Challenges and Outcomes
Michael A. Mancini, PhD
Impacts of Family Homelessness on Mental Health Care and Child Welfare Involvement
Jung Min Park, PhD, Dennis Culhane, PhD
A Comparison of Transience and Risk in Street Youth: St Louis, Missouri and Austin, Texas
David E. Pollio, PhD, Sanna Thompson, PhD, Kimberly A. Bender, MSW, Jennifer McClendon, MSW
Negotiating Tensions: Casework Interactions in a New York City Homeless Shelter
Maureen T. Matarese, MA

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