Bridging Disciplinary Boundaries (January 11 - 14, 2007)

Saturday, January 13, 2007: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM
Seacliff D (Hyatt Regency San Francisco)
Gerontology 1
Activity Participation and Well-Being in Later Life: A Critical Review
Kathryn Betts Adams, PhD, Sylvia Leibbrandt, MSW
Geriatric Evaluation and Self-Management Services: Expanding Evidence-Based Practice
Anna C. Faul, PhD, Pamela A. Yankeelov, PhD, Noell L. Rowan, PhD, Patricia D. Gillette, PhD, Lori D. Nicholas, ABD, MSW, Kevin W. Borders, PhD
Educating Geriatric Social Work Practitioners: A Model Program of Agency-Based Training
Kelly Mills-Dick, MSW, Scott Miyake Geron, PhD

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