Bridging Disciplinary Boundaries (January 11 - 14, 2007)

Sunday, January 14, 2007: 8:45 AM-10:15 AM
Pacific O (Hyatt Regency San Francisco)
At-Risk Youth 3
Violence Exposure, Stress, and Distress: Charting at-Risk Youth from Adolescence to Young Adulthood
Paula S. Nurius, PhD, Jerald R. Herting, PhD, Brooke P. Randell, PhD, Elaine A. Thompson, PhD
The Canadian Child Welfare Response to Cases of Exposure to Domestic Violence: Analysis of the 2003 Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (Cis-2003)
Tara Black, MSW, Nico Trocme, PhD, Barbara Fallon, PhD, Bruce MacLaurin, MSW
Understanding Relationship Failures in Youth Mentoring Programs
Renee Spencer, EdD
Attachment, Reflective Function, Family Dysfunction, and Psychological Distress among College Students with Alcoholic Parents
Christine H. Fewell, PhD

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