Bridging Disciplinary Boundaries (January 11 - 14, 2007)

Friday, January 12, 2007: 5:45 PM-7:30 PM
Poster Session I
The Unrecognized Voices of Young Caregivers in the United States
Naelys Diaz, PhD, Connie Siskowski, PhD
Identifying Protective Factors Commonly Associated with the Nature of Resilience among Female Adults Who Have Been Sexually Abused as Children
Carol L. Simpson, PhD
Predictors of In-Home and Community Based Service Use among Asian American Elders
Duy D. Nguyen, MSW, Ada Mui, PhD
Assessing the Influence of Choice and Living Arrangement on the Quality of Life of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Susan Neely-Barnes, PhD, Maureen O. Marcenko, PhD
Exploring Tobacco-Dependence in Gender-Specific Aod Treatment Facilities: Predictors of Smoking and Knowledge of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (Ets)
Barbra A. Teater, MSW, Gretchen Clark Hammond, MSW
Current Major Depression in Former Cannabis Users
Sharon Samet, MSW, Kerry Keyes, MPH, Elizabeth Ogburn, MS, Deborah Hasin, PhD
Changing Heterosexuals' Attitudes toward Homosexuals: A Systematic Review of the Empirical Literature
Edmon W. Tucker, JD, MSW, Miriam Potocky-Tripodi, PhD
Risky Business: Disclosure of Intimate Partner Violence and Help-Seeking Actions of Women
Ramona Alaggia, PhD, Cheryl Regehr, PhD
Disparities in Injury Prevalence among Medicaid Beneficiaries with and without Mental Retardation Aged 1-21
Elspeth M. Slayter, PhD, MSW
Mothers of Sexually Abused Children: The Role of Rumination in Adjustment
Carol Plummer, PhD
What's in a Neighborhood? The Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on Social Service Utilization
Molly M. De Marco, MPH, CHES, Allison C. De Marco, MSW
Women Using Cocaine during Pregnancy: Dual Disorders and Barriers to Treatment Services
Toby C. Martin, MSSA, Elizabeth M. Tracy, PhD
Do Shelters Serving Individuals and Families Help or Hide the Problem of Homelessness
John J. Stretch, PhD, Larry W. Kreuger, PhD
Lessons Learned from Vietnam War Veterans: Applications to the War in Iraq
Anh-Luu Huynh-Hohnbaum, PhD, Valentine M. Villa, PhD, Nancy Harada, PhD
Women with Protective Orders: Does “No Violence” Really Mean the Violence Stops?
Lisa Shannon, MSW, TK Logan, PhD, Robert Walker, LCSW, Jennifer Cole, MSW
Empirically Examining the Relationship of Asset Accumulation, Volunteering, and Self-Esteem among the Elderly: A Latent Growth Curve Modeling
Chang Keun Han, MA, SongIee Hong, MA
Benefits to Family Choice and Planning in Developmental Disability Services
Susan Neely-Barnes, PhD, J. Carolyn Graff, PhD
Advanced Illness Care Teams for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia
Ronald Toseland, PhD, Dennis G. Chapman, LCSW
Employed Teens and Workplace Sexual Harassment: Mental Health, Academic and Work Outcomes
Susan Fineran, PhD, James Gruber, PhD
An Empirically Based Typology of Religiousness/Sprituality for Use in Social Work Research
David L. Klemmack, PhD, Lucinda Roff, PhD, Bryan Ford, MSW
Depressive Symptomatology in Family Caregivers of Women with Substance Use Disorders or Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Disorders
David E. Biegel, PhD, Shiri Katz, MSW
Are Ambivalent Feelings about Pregnancy Associated with Perinatal Behaviors?
Wendy Hellerstedt, PhD, Marjorie R. Sable, DrPH, MSW
Socioeconomic Influences upon Adult Drug Court Treatment Retention and Completion: A Multisite Study
Valerie Bryan, PhD
Sex at an Early Age: A Multi-System Perspective
Richard K. Caputo, PhD
Measuring Capacity Expansion to Address Human Trafficking
Michael Wolf-Branigin, PhD, Michael Smith, PhD, Patricia Humphery, MSW
Leadership Domains for Social Work in Interdisciplinary End-of-Life Care
Emily J. Cherlin, MSW, Waldo Klein, PhD
Efficacy of a Computer Based Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Related Harm on a College Campus
Samuel MacMaster, PhD, John S. Wodarski, PhD, Jean Hall, PhD
Psychiatric Distress in Incarcerated Women with Recent Cocaine and Alcohol Abuse
Mary Marden Velasquez, PhD, Kirk L. Von Sternberg, PhD, Patricia Dolan Mullen, DrPH, Lisa Kan, BS
Gender Differences in the Social Consequences of Widowhood: Are Widowers More Vulnerable Than Widows?
Jung-Hwa Ha, PhD
Using Geographic Information Systems to Examine Health Access for Immigrant Communities in Los Angeles County
Dennis T. Kao, MSW
Negotiating the Challenges of Multidisciplinary Response to Sexual Assault Victims
Jennifer Cole, MSW, TK Logan, PhD
Depression Treatments in Primary Care for Latino Adults: A Systematic Review of Effectiveness Studies
Leopoldo J. Cabassa, PhD, Marissa C. Hansen, MSW
Development of a Screening Tool for the Psychosocial Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics
Hyunsun S. Park, PhD, Chaie-Won Rhee, PHD
Treatment Process Differences between Treatment Completers and Dropouts in a Guided Self-Change Substance Abuse Intervention for Adolescents
Millie Cordaro, MA, Jonathan Tubman, PhD, Eric F. Wagner, PhD
Education on Advance Directives: Orthopedic Patients' Responses and Reasons for Signing
Yvonne M. Johnson, PhD
Aging in Place: The Role of Community-Based Services
Fengyan Tang, PhD
Engagement and Retention: Unique Methods for Family Therapy
Sanna Thompson, PhD, Kimberly A. Bender, MSW, Lilianne Windsor, MSW, Janet Lantry, Guy Maddox, MSW
Acculturation and Substance Use among Mexican American Elementary Students: Effects of Different Acculturation Measures
Flavio F. Marsiglia, PhD, Stephen Kulis, PhD, Syed K. Hussaini, MA, Tanya Nieri, MA
Strategies of Mexican Youth for Resisting Drug Offers and Their Relationship to Substance Use
Stephen Kulis, PhD, Flavio F. Marsiglia, PhD, Jason Castillo, MSW, David Becerra, MSW
Perceived Social Support and Self-Blame as Mediators of Relationships between Intimate Partner Violence and PTSD
Joohee Lee, PHD
Perceived Risks and Ameliorating Factors in Decisions to Accept Students with Criminal Records in Social Work Practica
Miriam Brodersen, BA, Jack Richman, PhD, Oscar Barbarin, PhD
Improving Service Utilization for Substance Abusing Families: Experimenting Recovery Coaches in Child Welfare
Sam Choi, MSW
Factors Affecting the Level and Change Rates of Job Satisfaction of the Elderly Prior to Retirement
Baeg-Eui Hong, PhD, Hye yeon Kim, MSW
Health and Living Affordability among Low-Income Households: A Latent Growth Curve Modeling
Chang Keun Han, MA
First Year MSW Students' Anxiety regarding Field Placement
Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, PhD
Homeless and Pregnant: Factors Associated with Pregnancy in a National Sample of Runaway/Homeless Youth
Kimberly A. Bender, MSW, Rita Watkins, MSW, Sanna Thompson, PhD, David E. Pollio, PhD
Evaluation of a Court-Ordered MADD Presentation for Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Offenders
Matthew T. Theriot, PhD
Measurement and Classification of the Institutional Capacity of Volunteer Programs for Older Adults
SongIee Hong, MA, Nancy Morrow-Howell, PhD, Fengyan Tang, PhD, Jaime Goldberg, MSW, Amy Luman, MSW, Soyeon Kim, MSW
School Readiness for Kindergarten in Young Children from Diverse Low Income Families
Michaela Farber, PhD, LCSW-C, BCD, Shavaun Wall, PhD, Nancy Taylor, PhD, Elizabeth Timberlake, DSW, Harriet Liebow, MA

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