Bridging Disciplinary Boundaries (January 11 - 14, 2007)

Saturday, January 13, 2007: 7:00 PM-8:30 PM
Poster Session II
Social Networks and Pathways to Kidney Transplantation
Teri Browne, MSW
Factors Affecting the Choice of Child Care Providers: Perspectives of Union Members Receiving Child Care Subsidy
Seojin Won, MSW
Implementing and Integrating Multiple Evidence-Based Practices in a Public Mental Health Organization: Lessons Learned
Mary C. Ruffolo, PhD, David Neal, MSW
Evaluating Cognitive Behavioral Group Interventions for Youth with Depressive Symptoms in School Based Health Clinics
Mary C. Ruffolo, PhD, Daniel Fischer, MSW, David Neal, MSW
Multidisciplinary Team Consultation in Child Protective Work: Perceptions of Various Stakeholders
Marina Lalayants, MPA
Factors Affecting Subjective Well-Being for Rural Elderly Individuals: The Importance of Spirituality, Religiousness, and Social Support
Dong P. Yoon, PhD
Caregiver Relationship Identity: Exploratory Factor Analyses of Spouse and Caregiver Roles
Marie Y. Savundranayagam, PhD, Rhonda J.V. Montgomery, PhD
Disparities in Utilization of Crisis Services among African American and Caucasian Children in California's Public Mental Health System
Kya Fawley, MSW, Lonnie R. Snowden, PhD, Mary Masland, PhD, Neal Wallace, PhD
Effectiveness of Kinship Foster Care: Comparison of Child Welfare Outcomes with Non-Relative Foster Care
Eun Koh, MSW
Faculty Perceptions regarding the Preparation of Students for Culturally Sensitive Practice
Rich Furman, PhD
Physical, Mental, and Financial Predictors and Their Temporal Properties by Patterns of Residential Relocation/ Continuity among Older Adults
Li-Mei Chen, PhD, SongIee Hong, MA
Is Aging in Place Possible in Assisted Living? Qualitative Interviews with Policy Stakeholders Nationwide
Jing Tan, MA, Li-Mei Chen, PhD
Determinants of Unemployment and Economic Hardships of Former Welfare Recipients Who Reached Their Lifetime Limits in an Appalachian State
Kyoung Hag Lee, PhD, Dong P. Yoon, PhD
Effects of Arrest of Batterers on Reducing Domestic Violence Incidence: Time Series Analysis of National Crime Victimization Survey from 1987 to 2003
Hyunkag Cho, MSW
Professional Identity, Job Satisfaction, and Retention of Social Work Professionals in Korea
Myung J. Hwang, PhD, Woochan S. Shim, PhD, Tong W. Kim, PhD
Social Ties: Predictor or Outcome of Health in Older Adults, or Both?
Edna Naito-Chan, PhD
The Effects of Social Support on Depression and Health-Related Quality of Life in People with Diabetes
Chaie-Won Rhee, PhD
Gender-Sensitive Disaster WorkóLessons Learned from Taiwan's Female Earthquake Survivors
Chu-Li Julie Liu, PhD
Spiritual Caregiving in Hospice
Suzanne Y. Bushfield
Supervisor Effectiveness in Child and Adult Protective Serivces: Do Resources Make a Difference?
Kimberly A. Bender, MSW, Bethany Gerlach, MSW, Nalini Negi, MSW, Tammy Peacock, MSW
Finding the Right Clinicians to Implement an Evidence Based Practice: The Who and How of Staff Selection
Barbara L. Wieder, PhD, Debra R. Hrouda, MSSA, LISW, Patrick Boyle, MSSA
Acculturation and Organizational Factors: Improving Hispanics' Retention in Substance Abuse Treatment
Erick Guerrero, MA, Dingcai Cao, PhD, Jeanne C. Marsh, PhD
Future Orientation and Relationship to Mental Health, Trauma Histories, and Risk Behaviors in Foster Care Adolescents
Peter Cabrera, MSW, Wendy Auslander, PhD
The Effect of Peer Rejection on Adjustment and Academic Achievement
Jung-Sook Lee, MSW, MA, Natasha K. Bowen, PhD
Effects of the Violence against Women Act on Responses of Victims and the Police: Interrupted Time Series Analysis of the National Crime Victimization Survey from 1992 to 2003
Hyunkag Cho, MSW, Dina J. Wilke, PhD
Acculturation: Is It Hazardous to Your Child's Health?
Susan M. De Luca, MSW, Amy Naca Mendenhall, MSW, Keith Warren, PhD
Assessing Graduate Student Learning Outcomes Using Multiple Instruments in a Field Practice and Research Project Course
Todd W. Rofuth, DSW, Jaak Rakfeldt, PhD, Elayne Haymes, PhD, Barbara Worden, PhD, Minou Michlin, PhD
African American Teen Fathers at Middle Age: Do They Continue to Experience Education and Work Effects of Their Young Fatherhood?
Helen E. Petracchi, PhD, Larry E. Davis, PhD, Rafael J. Engel, PhD
Hispanic/Latino Teen Fathers: Do Education and Economic Effects Remain into Middle Age?
Rafael J. Engel, PhD, Helen E. Petracchi, PhD, Larry E. Davis, PhD
Alcohol and Cigarette Use among Young African-American Mothers
Youngjo Cho, MSW, Sydney L. Hans, PhD, Linda G. Henson, MA
Caregiver Identity Theory: Exploring the Links between Stressors and Burden
Marie Y. Savundranayagam, PhD, Jeannine M. Rowe, MSW
Testing Measurement Invariance of the Brief Symptom Inventory in Schizophrenia: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Ethnic Validity
Maanse Hoe, MSW, John S. Brekke, PhD
Access to Mental Health Care within the “Same Ball Park”: A Model for Multidisciplinary Practice between Physicians, Service Providers and Social Workers
Elaine Jurkowski, PhD, Tsukasa Okino, MSW
Comparing Prisoners' Perceptions of Staff and Environmental Climate within Therapeutic and Non-Therapeutic Units
Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak, PhD
Towards a Theory of Social Capital for Immigrant Children: A Critical Review of Literature and Implications for Research and Practice
Qiaobing Wu, MPhil, Mo Zheng, MPhil
Coping with Combat: Perceived Roles of Spirituality among Older Veterans
Marie C. Liston, PhD
The Changing Nature of Delinquency Risk Factors for African American Youth in Foster Care
Jane Marshall, MA, Joseph Ryan, PhD
Work Stressors and Job Dissatisfaction: Testing a Model of Stress-Induced Problem Drinking
Lisa K. Berger, PhD, Sonya K. Sedivy
Social Skills Training Using Virtual Reality Technique: A Preliminary Study on Application for Patients with Schizophrenia
Hee Jeong Jang, MA
Relationship between School Mobility, Parent Involvement and Child Schooling: Evidence from the Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey
Jing Guo
Domestic Abuse Survivors Perceptions of Safety and Reports of Abuse in the Context of Supervised Visits and Exchanges
Dan Saunders, PhD, Cris M. Sullivan, PhD, Marguerite Grabarek, Richard Tolman, PhD
Using Risk Communication in Date Rape Prevention
Shweta Singh, PhD
The Attributes of Emotional Expressions in Patients with Schizophrenia Using Virtual Reality Technology
Junyoung Park, BA
Moving toward Effectiveness: Benchmarking Individual Interpersonal, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Usual Care Therapies for Depression in Children and Adolescents
Heather Spielvogle, MSW
The Relationship between Problem Behaviors and HIV Risky Sexual Behaviors among Asian American Pacific Islanders (Aapis): Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health)
Hyeouk Chris Hahm, PhD, Maryann Amodeo, PhD, Al Ozonoff, PhD, Jieha Lee, MSW
Health Care Disparities and Language Use at Home among Latino, Asian American, and American Indian Adolescents
Hyeouk Chris Hahm, PhD, Sunny Hyucksun Shin, PhD, Rose M. Barreto
Relational Losses and Quality of Relationship in the Alzheimer's Disease Caregiving Stress Process
Kathryn Betts Adams, PhD, McKee J. McClendon, PhD
Are Childbearing Motivations and Pregnancy Wantedness Related to a Toddler's Subsequent Attachment?
Marjorie R. Sable, DrPH, MSW

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