Research That Matters (January 17 - 20, 2008)

Friday, January 18, 2008: 5:45 PM-7:30 PM
Regency Ballroom Wings (Omni Shoreham)
Poster Session I Aging/Gerontology, Ethnicity/Community, Health/Disability, Mental Health, Poverty/Crime
Part 1 
Hospice Social Work Intervention and Caregiver Strain
Suzanne Y. Bushfield, Tanya R. Fitzpatrick, PhD
Adult Day Service Needs and Capacity Assessment for the State of Iowa
Sara Kintzle, BSW, Joelle Osterhaus, BSW, Sara Sanders, PhD, Jeanne Saunders, PhD
Portraits of End-Stage Dementia Caregivers
Sara Sanders, PhD, Peggy Swails
The Role of Filial Norms in Predicting Burden among Adult-Child Caregivers
Jung Kwak, PhD, Jeannine M. Rowe, MSW, Rhonda J.V. Montgomery, PhD
Assessing the Mental and Physical Health of Custodial Grandparents
Gregory Washington, PhD, Susan Neely-Barnes, PhD, J. Carolyn Graff, PhD
Caregiver Burden among Spouses: Exploring the Impact of the Care Context on Familial Relationships
Marie Y. Savundranayagam, PhD, Rhonda J.V. Montgomery, PhD
The Influence of Beliefs on Caregiving Outcomes for African American Women Caregivers
Philip A. Rozario, PhD, Daniel R. DeRienzis, AB
Typology of Lifetime and Current Problem Gambling and Its Impact on Well-Being of Older Adults
SongIee Hong, MA, Paul Sacco, LCSW, Renee M. Cunningham-Williams, PhD, MPE, LCSW
Enhancing the Quality of Psychosocial Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities: Potential Practice and Policy Interventions
Robin P. Bonifas, PhD
The Prevalence and Correlates of Concurrent Alcohol and Medication Use among Older Adults: Findings from the Cardiovascular Health Study
Mary Lindsey Smith, MSW
Part 2 
Racial Differences in Late-Life Volunteering: an Empowerment Perspective
Fengyan Tang, PhD
Exploring the Relationship between Parental Impressions of School Structures and Parental Academic Support: a Closer Look at Latino Parents
Ann L. Buckwalter, MSW
Human Service Response to Latino Immigration
Raymond Sanchez Mayers, PhD, Fontaine H. Fulghum, MSW, ABD
Toward an Anti-Oppressive Social Work Model with Recent Immigrants
Izumi Sakamoto, PhD
Unsocial Capital: Race, Ethnicity, and Self-Rated Health
Javier Boyas, MSW
General Well-Being for Korean Elderly Immigrants: the Significance of Religiousness/Spirituality and Social Support
Kyoung Hag Lee, PhD, Dong P. Yoon, PhD
Building Solidarity through Difference: a Practice Model for Critical Multicultural Organizing
David Dobbie, MSW, Katie Richards-Schuster, PhD
Factors Associated with Hopelessness among Hispanic Mothers
Flavio Francisco Marsiglia, PhD, Stephen S. Kulis, PhD, Maria Hilda García-Pérez, PhD, Monica Parsai, MSW
Experiences of Racial Discrimination and Mental Health Outcomes: Moderating Effects of Neighborhood Sociostructural Characteristics
Rebecca Karb, MSW, Megan E. Gilster, MSW, Andy Grogan-Kaylor, PhD, Michael E. Woolley, PhD
Stress and Health in Hispanics: a Comparative Analysis by Age and Nativity
Tasanee R. Walsh, MPH, MSW
Phenotype and Discrimination among Filipino Americans: Implications for Health and Mental Health
Cathryn G. Fabian, MSW, Michael Spencer, PhD
Building a Social Movement: Towards a Value-Based Empowerment Interventive Framework for Minority Adolescents & Emerging Adults
Alma M. O. Trinidad, MSW, LSW
Part 3 
Health and Disability
Motivations for and Barriers to Long-Term Substance Abuse Treatment among Pregnant, Drug-Dependent Women in Short-Term Treatment
Lisa Shannon, PhD, T. K. Logan, PhD, Robert Walker, LCSW, MSW
Access to Substance Abuse Treatment among Non-Elderly Disabled Medicaid Beneficiaries with Medicare Dual Eligibility: Implications for Social Work Clinicians and Case Managers regarding the Facilitation of Systems Collaboration
Elspeth M. Slayter, PhD
Predictors of Well-Being among Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders or Mental Health Problems
Jung-Hwa Ha, PhD, Jinkuk Hong, PhD, Marsha Mailick Seltzer, PhD, Jan Steven Greenberg, PhD
Problem Alcohol Use among Older Adults: a Latent Class Analysis
Paul Sacco, LCSW, Kathleen K. Bucholz, PhD
Development and Validation of the Religion, Alcohol and Drug Questionnaire for College Students
Joan M. Carlson, MSW, Darcy Clay Siebert, PhD, Carl F. Siebert, MBA, MS
Faculty and Student Disability Awareness at a New England University
Cristina Mogro-Wilson, PhD, Mary Beth Bruder, PhD
Recent HIV/Sti Testing among Asian and Pacific Islanders (Api): Correlates and Contexts
Hyeouk Chris Hahm, Kristina Wong, Al Ozonoff, PhD
To Be Tested or Not? HIV Testing Behaviors among Men Who Have Sex with Men (Msm) in Chennai, India: Implications for Prevention Programming
Michael R. Woodford, PhD, Peter A. Newman, PhD, Lisa Kakinami, Venkatesan Chakrapani, MD, Murali Shunmugam, MSW
Poor, Black and Drug Abusing? Examining the Assumption of Drug Prevalence among Impoverished African Americans
Nalini Negi, PhD, Liliane Cambraia Windsor, PhD
Part 4 
Mental Health
Maternal Mental Health and Children's Health Care Receipt
Sara Wiesel Cullen, MSW, Jason C. Matejkowski, MSW, Steven C. Marcus, PhD, Phyllis L. Solomon, PhD
The Interpretation of Depression as Discussed by African-American Pentecostal Ministers
Jennifer Shepard Payne, MSW
Hierarchical Structure in Social Engagement and Its Impact on the Individual Growth Curves of Depressed Older Adults
SongIee Hong, MA, Leslie Hasche, MSW, Sharon Bowland, PhD
Racial Differences in Attitudes toward Seeking Professional Mental Health Services: the Mediating Effect of Stigma
Kyaien O. Conner, MSW, MPH, Charlotte Brown, PhD
Pathways to Care in First Episode Psychosis
Rufina J. Lee, Daniel B. Herman, DSW
A Longitudinal Study of Parenting Stress among Mothers with Severe Mental Illness
Melnee D. McPherson, MSW, PhD
Examining Mediator and Moderator Effects between Neurocognition, Intrinsic Motivation, and Psychosocial Functioning among Individuals with Schizophrenia
Eri Nakagami, MSW, John S. Brekke, PhD
Characteristics of Referral to Supported Employment among Consumers with Co-Occurring Substance and Mental Disorders
David Beimers, MSW, David E. Biegel, PhD, Lauren D. Stevenson, MSSA
The Impact of Family Factors on Outpatient Consumer Functioning for Inner-City African-Americans Living with Schizophrenia
Joseph Guada, MSW
Part 5 
Poverty and Crime
Worry and Misperceptions of Sex Offender Perpetration among the General Public
Sarah W. Craun, PhD, Matthew T. Theriot, PhD
Making Research Matter: Integrating Evidence into Health Policy and Practice for Baby Boomers in Rural Communities through the Older Americans Act Amendments
Elaine Jurkowski, PhD
Measurement Model Test of Self-Rating Cause of Homelessness among Homeless Adult
Sei-Young Lee, MUP
The Influence of Employment Related Supports and Services on Successful TANF Exits
Patricia M. Carlson, MSW
Attitudes and Saving in Individual Development Accounts: Latent Class Analysis
Chang Keun Han, MA
The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Work and Poverty among Single Mothers - WITHDRAWN
Ji-Young Yoo, PhD
Changes in Parental Assets and Children's Educational Outcomes across Income Status
Vernon Loke, Youngmi Kim, MSW
Young Donor Organizing: Findings from a Case Study Examining a Pedagogical & Organizing Model for People with Wealth to Support Social Justice
Laura Wernick
Using Public Opinion to Influence Policy: Juvenile Life without Parole
Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak, PhD, Terrence Allen, PhD
Building Sustainable Labor-Community Coalitions across Differences
David Dobbie, MSW
Work and Family Domain Demands and Resources and Work-Family Conflict
Jeong Eun Lee, MSW, Soo Chan Choi, PhD

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