Research That Matters (January 17 - 20, 2008)

Saturday, January 19, 2008: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM
Embassy Room (Omni Shoreham)
[H/D] Factors Influencing Health Services Use
Utilization of Medical Care by Persons with Severe Mental Illness: a Qualitative Analysis
Sara B. Nath, PhD, MSW, Yin Ling Irene Wong, PhD, Phyllis L. Solomon, PhD
Predictors of Relapse and Facilitators of Recovery among Women with Histories of Substance Abuse
Nancy VanDeMark, PhD
Effects of Health Services Use on the Trajectories of Self-Reported Health Status and Physical Functioning
Dennis T. Kao, MSW, Hansung Kim, MSW, Juye Ji, MSW, Marissa C. Hansen, MSW

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