Research That Matters (January 17 - 20, 2008)

Sunday, January 20, 2008: 8:45 AM-10:15 AM
Calvert Room (Omni Shoreham)
[G/WI] Uncovering Hidden Experiences through Qualitative Research
Gay Stepfamilies: the Experience of the Stepfather
David Jenkins, PhD
Welfare Office Talk about Reproductive Decisions and Relationships: a Discourse Analysis of Caseworkers' Conversations with Clients
N. Tatiana Masters, MSW, Taryn Lindhorst, PhD, Marcia Meyers, PhD
Non-Hierarchical Organizing and International Women's Non-Governmental Organizations
Natalya Timoshkina
Exploring the Unique Contributions of Qualitative Methodology to Program Evaluation
Charlene Cook, MPA, Faye Mishna, PhD, Peter A. Newman, PhD

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