Research That Matters (January 17 - 20, 2008)

Saturday, January 19, 2008: 7:00 PM-8:30 PM
Regency Ballroom Wings (Omni Shoreham)
Poster Session II Adolescents, Child Welfare, Gender/Women's Issues, Other, Research Design/Measurement
Part 1 
Suicidal Ideation and Comorbid Disorders in Adolescents and Young Adults with Asperger's Syndrome: an Exploratory Study of a Population at Risk
Oren Shtayermman, PhD
Engaging Students with Disabilities in Service-Learning: Findings from a Statewide Program Evaluation
Christina R. Miller, MSW, Jim Hinterlong, PhD
Youth, Risk, and the Sexual Double Standard Discourse: Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes
Dana S. Levin, MA, MSW, L. Monique Ward, PhD
Adolescents' Friendship Closeness: Using a Newly Developed Measure in a Group HIV-Prevention Intervention
Diane Morrison, PhD, Blair Beadnell, PhD, Shauna Carlisle, Erin A. Casey, MSW, Darrel Higa, PhD, Marilyn Hoppe, PhD, Kristin A. Mariano, MA, Elizabeth A. Wells, PhD, Mary Rogers Gillmore, PhD, Anthony Wilsdon
The Impact of School Violence on Depression: Moderating Effect of Family Factors
Jae Y. KIm, PhD, Yun K. Chung, MSW
The Construction and Implementation of an Empirically-Based Economic Mentoring Program for Youth Impacted by the Juvenile Justice System
Julia M. Pryce, PhD, David L. DuBois, PhD, Danielle Nowlan
Equity in Service-Learning: Comparing Adolescents' Access to Community Engagement
Suzanne R. Pritzker, MSW, MEd, Amanda Moore McBride
Child Welfare Placements and Child Functioning: Do Maltreated Children Who Remain with Maltreating Parents Function Better Than Those Who Are Placed?
Ferol E. Mennen, PhD, Penelope Trickett, PhD
Assessing and Advancing the Validity of Adolescent Suicidality Questionnaires
Michael E. Woolley, PhD
Patterns of Psychopathology among a National Representative Sample of Youth: How Does It Affect Mental Health Utilization?
Nancy Scotto Rosato, PhD, Judith C. Baer, PhD
Differential Risk Factors Associated with the Onset of Externalizing Behaviors among Youth within Two Impoverished, Urban Communities
Geetha Gopalan, MSW, Mary Acri Cavaleri, PhD, William M. Bannon, PhD, Mary M. McKay
Parent-Child Acculturation Gaps in Latino Immigrant Families
Flavio Francisco Marsiglia, PhD, Stephen S. Kulis, PhD, Blythe FitzHarris, LCSW, David Becerra, MSW
Connecting Ethnic Identity and Substance Use Risk among Mexican-Origin 5th Graders:
Stephen S. Kulis, PhD, Flavio Francisco Marsiglia, PhD, Ashley Crossman, PhD
Evidence-Based Treatments for Dually Diagnosed Adolescents: a Systematic Review
Kimberly A. Bender, PhD, Johnny S. Kim, PhD, David W. Springer, PhD
Unraveling the Complexities of Fathering: an Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of the Nurturant Fathering Scale
Otima Doyle, MSW, Edward Pecukonis, PhD, Donna Harrington, PhD
Adolescent Self-Reports of Health and Happiness: the Importance of Feeling Safe
Sandee D. Shulkin, MSW, Christina J. Matz-Costa, MSW, Sarah Morrison
Trauma, Posttraumatic Symptomatology, and Delinquency: a Mediation Model with the National Study of Child and Adolescent Well-Being Data
Michael Killian, MSW, Carl F. Siebert, MBA, MS
Testing the Autogressive Cross-Lagged Effects between Adolescents' Internet Addiction and Communication with Parents : Multigroup Analysis across Gender
Sehee Hong, PhD, Minsun Park, BA, Wonjung Kim, BA
Exploring the Relationship between Linguistic Acculturation and Self-Esteem?
Rose Perez, MA
Part 2 
Child Welfare
The Moderating Effect of Locality Type on Causes of Workforce Turnover in Public Child Welfare Agencies
Jessica S. Strolin-Goltzman, PhD, Charles Auerbach, PhD, Brenda G. McGowan, DSW, Mary L. McCarthy, PhD
The Impact of Childhood Abuse and Neglect on Parenting: Direct and Indirect Pathways
Meeyoung O. Min, PhD, Sheri Eisengart, PhD, Sonnia Minnes, PhD, Lynn Singer, PhD
Categorizing Maltreatment: How Do Official Classifications Match Children's Experiences?
Kihyun Kim, PhD, Penelope Trickett, PhD, Ferol E. Mennen, PhD
Identifying Protective Factors Effecting Trajectory of Academic Achievement among Children in Poverty
Hyunsun Park, PhD, Sang-Gyun Lee, PhD, Charles N.B. Fleming, MA, Richard F. Catalano, PhD
Examining the Effects of California's Tightened Reunification Timeframe for Children under Three
Amy D'Andrade
Street-Level Bureaucracy and the Adoption of Family Group Decision-Making
William Vesneski, JD, MSW
Part 3 
Gender/Women's Issues
The Effect of Gender Specific Social Roles on Recovery from Violent Crime Experiences
Catherine A. Simmons, PhD
Compatibility of Social Work with Clergy Perspectives and Practices regarding Partner Violence
Jacqueline Dyer, MSW
Gender and Ethnic Differences in Undergraduate Binge Drinking
Clark Kopelman, MSW
Women's Risk for Revictimization by a New Abusive Partner: for What Should We Be Looking?
Lisa Shannon, PhD, Jennifer Cole, PhD, Tk Logan, PhD
Longitudinal Predictors of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexual Risk Behaviors among White and Asian Young Females: Findings from Add Health Study
Jieha Lee, PhD, Hyeouk Chris Hahm, Al Ozonoff, PhD
Modifying An HIV Prevention Curriculum To Address Women's Alcohol Issues
Diane M. Langhorst, PhD
Exploring Gender Differences in Internalizing Behavior and Externalizing among Maltreated Youth
Tina Marie Maschi, PhD, LCSW, ACSW, Keith Morgen, PhD, Carolyn Bradley, PhD, Kristen Gilmore, MSW
Young Women's Perspective of the Pros and Cons to Seeking Screening for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea: an Exploratory Study
Kirk L. Von Sternberg, PhD, Mariam R. Chacko, MD, Mary M. Velasquez, PhD, Constance M. Wiemann, PhD, Peggy Smith, PhD, Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD
Part 4 
Factors Predicting MSW Students' Multicultural Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills
J. Camille Hall, PhD, LCSW, Matthew T. Theriot, PhD, Monica Terrell Leach, EdD
Ethical Challenges of Military Social Workers Deployed to the War
Catherine A. Simmons, PhD, Joan R. Rycraft, PhD
Engaging Social Work Faculty in Aging Research
Chandra M. Mehrotra, PhD, Aloen L. Townsend, PhD, Barbara Berkman
Assessing Progress Towards Accreditation Related Objectives: Evidence regarding the Use of Self-Efficacy as an Outcome in the MSW Curriculum
Gary Holden, DSW, Kathleen Barker, PhD, Gary Rosenberg, PhD, Patrick Onghena
Social Workers Making Rule- Based Ethical Choices: the Role of Personal Values, Professional Values, and Training in Ethics
Anne K. Hughes, MSW, R. Anna Hayward, MSW, Elizabeth J. Greeno
Skeptics of Ebp: a Qualitative Analysis of Open Ended Responses from a National Survey of MSW Faculty
Danielle Parrish, MSW
Part 5 
Research Design and Measurement
A Comparison of Modes of Recruitment for an Online Survey
Julie A. Steen, PhD
Exploring Predictors on Giving: a Methodological Comparison between Multilevel Analysis Models and Pooled Cross-Sectional & Time Series Analysis Models on Psid
Chulhee Kang, PhD, Sangchul Lee, MA
Improving Retention in Family Therapy for Overweight Urban Youth: a Qualitative Approach to Understanding Treatment Engagement
April M. Idalski, MSW, Karen E. Kolmodin, PhD, Sylvie Naar-King, PhD, Deborah A. Ellis, PhD, Phillippe B. Cunningham, PhD
Characteristics of Parents' Child Care Choice: Latent Class Analysis
Jinseok Kim, PhD, Maryah Stella Fram, PhD

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