Session: Linkages Between Youth Violence and Mental Health (Society for Social Work and Research 14th Annual Conference: Social Work Research: A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES)

104 Linkages Between Youth Violence and Mental Health

Cluster: Adolescent and Youth Development

Paula S. Nurius, PhD, University of Washington
Saturday, January 16, 2010: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM
Garden Room A (Hyatt Regency)
* noted as presenting author
Exploring the Relationships Between Trauma, Dissociation, and Juvenile Sexual Offending
George Leibowitz, PhD, University of Vermont; David L. Burton, PhD, Smith College
The impacts of school violence on self-esteem and depression in a Chinese society (Taiwan)
Ji-Kang Chen, PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Hsi-sheng Wei, PhD, National Taipei University
Violence, Nonviolent Adversity, and Mental Health: Cumulative Stress Effects in the Transition to Young Adulthood
Paula S. Nurius, PhD, University of Washington; Carole Hooven, PhD, University of Washington; Patricia Logan Russell, MSSW, University of Washington; Elaine Walsh, PhD, University of Washington; Jerald R. Herting, PhD, University of Washington; Elaine A. Thompson, PhD, University of Washington
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