Session: Social Network Analysis (Society for Social Work and Research 14th Annual Conference: Social Work Research: A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES)

RMW-1 Social Network Analysis


Susan Murty, PhD, University of Iowa
Thursday, January 14, 2010: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Seacliff A (Hyatt Regency)
Network analysis is used to analyze relationships among individuals or among groups. It allows you to measure characteristics of social networks and to map the relationships. It offers a way to study the environments in which individuals, families, and organizations are embedded. It lends itself well to social work research because it can be applied at multiple system levels, such as individuals, families, organizations, and nations. Network data are gathered concerning relationships and their characteristics and exchanges. Network analysis has been applied to research on theoretical concepts such as social capital, social support, inter-organizational collaboration, diffusion of innovations, and the spread of contagious diseases and unsafe health practices. Network analysis has the potential to add significantly to social work research and can be used along with typical quantitative and qualitative data for a combined analytic approach. Results of network analysis have direct implications for a variety of social work interventions at multiple levels. Topics addressed in the workshop include: Types of data used in social network analysis Methods for collecting social network data Types of analysis used Interpretation of results obtained in network analysis Software used in network analysis Application of network analysis to a various fields of research including public health, organizational and inter-organizational relationships, community leadership and community organization, mental health, and substance abuse. Examples of network analysis research in various fields of study
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