Session: Conducting Qualitative Secondary Analysis From Start to Finish (Society for Social Work and Research 14th Annual Conference: Social Work Research: A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES)

RMW-2 Conducting Qualitative Secondary Analysis From Start to Finish


Catherine Greeno, PhD, University of Pittsburgh and Jonathan B. Singer, PhD, Temple University
Thursday, January 14, 2010: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Seacliff B (Hyatt Regency)
Qualitative databases provide rich opportunities to extend social work knowledge after the original study questions have been answered. There are more opportunities than ever to extend social work knowledge through careful analysis of existing, qualitative data. Techniques are beginning to be well established. This workshop will introduce conceptual and practice aspects of QSA by describing the presenters’ experiences with an NIMH-funded interview study. The workshop is structured on the presentation of a completed QSA. The case study will be used to illustrate and introduce general issues concerning QSA, as well as resources describing these issues. Topics addressed in the workshop include: l Finding and/or developing opportunities to conduct QSA 2 Getting to know the parent study 3 Conceptualizing the question • Roles of the original investigative team 4 Research methods applied to QSA • Design • Sampling • Developing the analytic strategy 5 Conducting the analysis • Creating the codebook • Determining the main findings • Use of software 6 Standards for rigor in qualitative design and analysis 7 Writing the results Special attention will be paid to standards for rigor in qualitative design and analysis throughout. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to identify sources for qualitative secondary analysis, will be able to conceptualize research questions in this area, will be familiar with the major methodological issues in conducing QSA, and will be able to access resources for further development of their skills.
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