The Society for Social Work and Research

2013 Annual Conference

January 16-20, 2013 I Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina I San Diego, CA

Invited Journal Editors' Workshop II: Journal Editorsí Forum On Publishing Qualitative Research

Saturday, January 19, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:15 PM
Nautilus 5 (Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina)
Jerry Floersch, PhD, Rutgers University, Karen Staller, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michal Krumer-Nevo, PhD, Ben-Gurion University, Israel, Lorraine M. Gutierrez, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Mark W. Fraser, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Jane F. Gilgun, PhD, LICSW, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
This workshop is for any participant seeking to publish qualitative research and scholarly work in social work journals. The workshop brings together a distinguished panel of editors and researchers from four journals: Qualitative Social Work, (online) Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, and Families in Society. These journals are highly regarded in the profession and share commitments to rigor in social work research and publication. The editors describe the aim of their respective journals and the editorial decision-making process. Most important, they will create a discussion with participants about what constitutes a rigorous publishable qualitative study that influences practice and policy. Before the program starts, participants will be asked to write their publishing questions on 3x4 cards; the chair will collect the cards and sort them during the presentation and use these to facilitate discussion. In this workshop, the editors contribute to the scholarly development of the participants by building skills related to successful publication. First, discussion will identify how to match the topic to a specific journal. Second, editors will describe their particular review process: 1) how are reviewers selected; and 2) how do they manage the authorís response to reviewer comments (or what does revise and resubmit mean?). Third, editors will discuss the key features of successful articles they have published: aims, questions, methods, and discussion sections. Fourth, editors discuss how authors should specifically address the implications of their research for practice and policy.
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