The Society for Social Work and Research

2014 Annual Conference

January 15-19, 2014 I Grand Hyatt San Antonio I San Antonio, TX

Systematic Reviews On School-Based Social Work Interventions: Synthesizing Evidence to Inform Practice

Saturday, January 18, 2014: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM
HBG Convention Center, Room 003B River Level (San Antonio, TX)
Cluster: School Social Work
Symposium Organizer:
Brandy R. Maynard, PhD, Saint Louis University
Theme and Importance

Social workers are called upon to address a myriad of problems and needs of at-risk students. The demand to use evidence to address these problems has been increasing; however, practitioners have limited time and resources to conduct comprehensive and rigorous reviews of evidence. Systematic reviews aim to comprehensively locate and synthesize research using organized, transparent, and replicable procedures in ways that reduce error and bias to summarize the best evidence for use by practitioners and policymakers. This symposium aims to present the results of three systematic reviews that quantitatively synthesize evidence of effectiveness of school-based interventions for at-risk youth to inform practice, policy, and research.

The first systematic review examines the effects of after-school programs on socio-emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes with at-risk youth. Over the past two decades, a marked increase in the number and types of after-school programs (ASP) has risen sharply; however, ASPs are not necessarily based on strong empirical evidence. Despite the popularity and promise of ASP’s, the programs' effects remain ambiguous.  While prior reviews of ASP outcomes exist, they are limited by their synthesis methods and have not fully examined moderating effects related to study, participant, and intervention characteristics.  This review used systematic review procedures to search, retrieve, select, and analyze included studies. Findings from the meta-analysis of 44 studies reveal mostly small and insignificant effects across studies.  Moderator analysis suggests differential effects related to study and intervention characteristics that can inform practice and research. 

The second systematic review synthesizes evidence of interventions to improve attendance and reduce anxiety for students exhibiting school refusal behavior.  School refusal behavior is characterized by severe emotional distress and anxiety at the prospect of going to school, leading to difficulties in attending school. A comprehensive search strategy produced eight experimental and quasi-experimental studies for inclusion. Findings suggest that students with school refusal behavior benefit from both cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and non-CBT interventions. School social workers thus have a range of interventions from which to choose when intervening with students who exhibit school refusal behavior.  Implications for practice and policy will be discussed. 

The final systematic review examines the effects of school-based interventions with military-connected students.  Over 1.2 million pre-K-12 students are dependents of military service members and face unique stresses related to military life, which can negatively impact academic and behavioral functioning in school. To date, no known systematic review has been conducted examining the effects of school-based interventions with military-connected students. Findings reveal a paucity of research in this area. The results support the need for the development of evidence-based interventions that address the needs of military-connected students.

The three systematic reviews presented in this symposium offer social work practitioners, researchers, and policymakers pertinent evidence to guide practice and research to improve academic and socio-behavioral outcomes with at-risk youth.

* noted as presenting author
Are After-School Programs Effective? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of After-School Programs
Kristen E. Peters, MSW, Saint Louis University; Brandy R. Maynard, PhD, Saint Louis University; Michael G. Vaughn, PhD, Saint Louis University; Christine M. Sarteschi, PhD, LCSW, Chatham University
Psychosocial Interventions for School Refusal Behavior: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Brandy R. Maynard, PhD, Saint Louis University; Kristen Esposito Brendel, PhD, Aurora University; Jeffrey Bulanda, PhD, Aurora University
Effects of Interventions With Military-Connected Students: A Systematic Review
Kristen Esposito Brendel, PhD, Aurora University; Brandy R. Maynard, PhD, Saint Louis University; David L. Albright, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia; Mary Bellomo, MSW, Aurora University
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