Children's Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence: Risk Factors & Service Needs

Saturday, January 17, 2015: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
La Galeries 4, Second Floor (New Orleans Marriott)
Cluster: Violence Against Women and Children
Kim Anderson, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
* noted as presenting author
A Latent Class Analysis of Childhood Victimization and Intimate Partner Violence Among Women on Probation and Parole: Examining Mental Health and Health Risk Behaviors
Katherine M. Winham, MS, MSSW, University of Louisville; Tanya Renn, MSSW, MPH, University of Louisville; Martin T. Hall, PhD, MSSW, University of Louisville; Seana Golder, PhD, University of Louisville; George E. Higgins, PhD, University of Louisville; TK Logan, PhD, University of Kentucky
A Qualitative Study of How Children Experience and Intervene in Threats to and Harm of Companion Animals in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence
Shelby Elaine McDonald, MSW, University of Denver; Nicole Nicotera, PhD, University of Denver; Tina Hageman, MSW, MBA, University of Denver; Frank Ascione, PhD, University of Denver; James Herbert Williams, PhD, University of Denver
Help-Seeking By Mothers Who Experience Intimate Partner Violence: The Role of Child Risk
Jane E. Palmer, MSW, PhD, American University; Lynette M. Renner, PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Latina Immigrant Mothers' Perceptions of Mental Health Needs and Services for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
Amy Chanmugam, PhD, LCSW, University of Texas at San Antonio; Linda E. Benavides, PhD, LMSW, Widener University; John Luciano, BA, University of Texas at San Antonio; Celia Melecio, BA, University of Texas at San Antonio
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