Session: Help-seeking and Service Utilization among Survivors of Color (Society for Social Work and Research 22nd Annual Conference - Achieving Equal Opportunity, Equity, and Justice)

47 Help-seeking and Service Utilization among Survivors of Color

Thursday, January 11, 2018: 3:15 PM-4:45 PM
Treasury (ML 4) (Marriott Marquis Washington DC)
Cluster: Violence against Women and Children
Binta Alleyne-Green, PhD, Fordham University
* noted as presenting author
Perceived Helpful Responses of Abused Filipina, Indian and Pakistani Women in the U.S. Implications for Socioculturally Effective Support
Abha Rai, MSW, University of Georgia; Yoshihama Meiko, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Y. Joon Choi, PhD, University of Georgia
IPV Service Utilization Among Married Women in India
Vithya Murugan, MSW, Washington University in St. Louis
War Violence Exposure, Reintegration Experiences and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization Among a Sample of War-Affected Females in Sierra Leone
Binta Alleyne-Green, PhD, Fordham University; Alex Kulick, University of California, Santa Barbara; Theresa Betancourt, ScD, MA, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Education and Intimate Partner Violence in Peru
Selina Forsyth, BS, Brigham Young University
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