Session: Culturally Based Adaptations in Intervention Research (Society for Social Work and Research 22nd Annual Conference - Achieving Equal Opportunity, Equity, and Justice)

RMW-1 Culturally Based Adaptations in Intervention Research

Thursday, January 11, 2018: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Marquis BR Salon 7 (ML 2) (Marriott Marquis Washington DC)
Margarita Alegria, PhD, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital and Zorangeli Ramos, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
The need for cultural adaptations of evidenced-based treatments (EBTs) have come as a result of the growing diversity in the United States. Tailoring of interventions is also essential due to the increasing need to reduce health disparities, and the mandates from both professional and governmental agencies to provide culturally responsive treatments. More and more third party payers are requiring the utilization of EBTs. Hence, the importance of evaluating the need for and developing cultural adaptations of EBTs. In general, culturally adapted EBTs have been found to be more effective than control and usual care conditions. There is evidence that they are more relevant to the target population, and have higher potential to improve health outcomes. Despite the growing literature on cultural adaptations, there is no consensus as to how the process of adaption should be conducted. This workshop will address (1) the rationale for cultural adaptations of EBTs, (2) types of cultural adaptations, (3) the challenges of such adaptations, and (4) the existing models of cultural adaptations. The importance of the scientific rigor of cultural adaptations will be underscored. We will discuss a five stage approach described by Barrera et al. of cultural adaptations and see how this model was used to adapt a short depression intervention for Latinos with depressive and anxiety symptoms.
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