Session: Parenting and Caregiving (Society for Social Work and Research 24th Annual Conference - Reducing Racial and Economic Inequality)

13 Parenting and Caregiving

Thursday, January 16, 2020: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Marquis BR Salon 13, ML 2 (Marriott Marquis Washington DC)
Cluster: Disability (D)
Elizabeth Lightfoot, PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
* noted as presenting author
Parent Centered Planning for Parents with Disabilities: A Qualitative Exploration of a New Intervention Aimed at Improving Supports for Parenting
Sharyn DeZelar, PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Elizabeth Lightfoot, PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Preschool of All?: Child Care and Parental Employment for Children with Disabilities
Molly Costanzo, MSW, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Katherine Magnuson, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Role of Informal Social Networks in Supporting Parents with Learning Difficulties: A Systematic Review of the Qualitative and Quantitative Literature
Jennifer Threlfall, PhD, University of York, UK; Katherine Graham, PhD, University of York; Hannah Jobling, PhD, University of York
Young Caregivers and 24-Hour Rest-Activity Rhythm: A Feasibility Assessment
Melinda S. Kavanaugh, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Marcellus Merritt, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Kayla Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Maryam Ayazi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Stephen Smagula, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
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