Session: ePoster Presentations VI (Society for Social Work and Research 24th Annual Conference - Reducing Racial and Economic Inequality)

159 ePoster Presentations VI

Friday, January 17, 2020: 3:45 PM-5:15 PM
Marquis BR Salon 6 (ML 2) (Marriott Marquis Washington DC)
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Adolescent and Youth Development (ADOL)
Adolescent Health
Child Effects on Parent's Daily Cortisol
Melissa Lippold, PhD, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Peter Molenaar, PhD, Penn State; David Almeida, PhD, Penn State; Soomi Lee, PhD, University of South Florida; Kelly Chandler, PhD, Oregon State University
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Racial/Ethnic and Gender Disparities in Health Behaviors Correlates of Suicidal Behaviors within the Ideation-to-Action Framework
Yunyu Xiao, M.Phil., New York University; Meghan Romanelli, MSW, New York University; Michael A. Lindsey, PhD, MSW, MPH, McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research
Adolescent Substance Use and Abuse
Adolescent Violence/Delinquency/Homelessness
Juvenile Justice Stops and Police-Initiated Post-Traumatic Stress Symptomatology
Michael Gearhart, PhD, University of Missouri-Saint Louis; Courtney Jones, MSW, University of Missouri-Saint Louis; Kristen Berg, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Adolescent Violence/Delinquency/Homelessness
Understanding Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Re-Housing Sustainability Among Youth Experiencing Homelessness: A Survival Analysis on Homelessness Management Information System Data
Hsun-Ta Hsu, PhD, MSW, University of Missouri-Columbia; Eric Rice, PhD, University of Southern California; Monique Holguin, LCSW, University of Southern California; Chyna Hill, MA, University of Southern California
Transition Age Youth/Emerging Adulthood
Youth Development
From Bully Victimization to Bully Perpetration: Applying the Problem Behavior Theory to Explore the Pathways
Jeoung Min Lee, MSW, MS, Wayne State University; Jun Sung Hong, PhD, Wayne State University; Jin Won Kim, MSW, Sungkyunkwan University; Christina Marsack, PhD, Eastern Michigan University
Aging Services and Gerontology (A&G)
Caregiving for Older Adults
Racial Differences in Social Support, Social Activity, and Service Utilization Among Family Caregivers of People with Alzheimer's Disease
Maureen Salinas, MSW, California State University, Fullerton; Juye Ji, PhD, California State University, Fullerton
Caregiving for Older Adults
The Relationship between Medicare Coverage and Financial Difficulty Among Caregivers of Older Adults
Jennifer C Greenfield, PhD, MSW, University of Denver; Kristi Roybal, MSW, MA, University of Denver; Andrew Steward, MSW, University of Denver
Economic Well-being
Age-Friendly Businesses: The Development of the Age-Friendly Business Index
Anna Faul, PhD, University of Louisville; Pamela Yankeelov, PhD, University of Louisville; Natalie Pope, MBA, CSW, University of Louisville
Productive Aging
Child Welfare (CW)
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
It Takes Some of the Burden Off of Us: Facilitators and Barriers in CWS Collaboration
Rong Bai, MSSA/MNO, Case Western Reserve University; Cyleste Collins, PhD, Cleveland State University; Robert Fischer, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; David Crampton, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
The Child Care Burden, Child Maltreatment and Children's Behavior Problems Among Low-Income Single Mothers
Eunjee Song, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Wan-Jung (Wendy) Hsieh, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
Developmental Differences in Definition, Assessment, and Features of Resilience: A Scoping Review of the Literature
Susan Yoon, PhD, Ohio State University; Rebecca Dillard, MSW, Ohio State University; Karla Shockley McCarthy, MSW, LSW, Ohio State University; Fei Pei, MSW, Ohio State University
Patterns of Adverse Childhood Experience and Their Influences on Suicide Attempts Among Adults in South Korea
Aely Park, Sunchon National University; Youngmi Kim, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Communities and Neighborhoods (C&N)
Civic Engagement and participation
Effective Neighboring across Difference: Lessons Learned in Participatory Action Research
Mark Chupp, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Morgan Bulger, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Sherise McKinney, MSSA, Case Western Reserve University; Mark Joseph, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Crime and Criminal Justice (C&CJ)
Criminal Justice System
Comparing the Experiences of Individuals with Mental Illness to Those without Along the Criminal/Legal Continuum: An Eight County Study
Victoria Nelson, Wayne State University; Erin Comartin, PhD, Wayne State University; Sheryl Kubiak, PhD, Wayne State University
Recidivism, Treatment, and Quality of Life Outcomes in Research on Prison and Jail Reentry for Persons with Mental Illnesses: A Scoping Review
Stacey Barrenger, PhD, New York University; Liat Kriegel, PhD, Washington State University; Kelli Canada, PhD, LCSW, University of Missouri-Columbia; Amy Blank Wilson, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Disability (D)
Inclusion, Community Participation
Vietnamese Students with Visual Impairments: Their Perceptions of Participation and Meaningful Experiences in College from an Ecological and Social Approach
Tuyen Bui, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Teresa Ostler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gender (G)
Gender and Family
Reproductive Health
The Impact of Low Household Income on Reproductive Coercion and Violence Among Adults in Rural Appalachia
Peter Fawson, PhD, Appalachian State University; Rachel Wright, PhD, Appalachian State University; Robyn Blais, MSW, Appalachian State University; Danyelle Smith, MSW, Appalachian State University
Health (H)
Health and Illness
Physical Health and Fathering: Differences across Policy Context
Andrew Renick, MPA, Brigham Young University; Kevin Shafer, PhD, Brigham Young University
Health Promotion and Education
Is Pap Test Awareness Critical to Pap Test Uptake?: Findings from Vietnamese Women in Rural Vietnam
Heeyun Lee, phD, University of Alabama; Kun Wang, ML, University of Alabama; Yan Luo, MSW, University of Alabama; Li Qingyi, M.L., PhD(c), University of Alabama; Sara Hendrix, University of Alabama; Jongwook Lee, MS, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Sangchul Yoon, MD, PhD, Yonsei University
Health Promotion and Education
My Baby's Sleep: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Safe Sleep Coaching Intervention for African American Infant Caregivers
Trina Salm Ward, PhD, MSW, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Jane McPherson, PhD, MPH, LCSW, University of Georgia; Steven Kogan, PhD, University of Georgia
Sexual Health Communication Among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men That Use Online Venues to Find Sexual Partners
Jacob Gordon, MSW, University of Pittsburgh; Darren Whitfield, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Immigrants and Refugees (I&R)
Immigrant adaptation
Examining the Socioeconomic Outcomes of First, Second and Third-Generation Immigrant Mothers: Who Fares Better?
Sherinah Saasa, PhD, Brigham Young University; Kaitlin Ward, MSW, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Immigrant adaptation
The Relationship between Immigrant Generation, Discrimination, and Substance Use Coping Among African Immigrants
Miranda Wilcock, Brigham Young University; Sherinah Saasa, PhD, Brigham Young University
Immigrant health and mental health
Climate of Fear: Provider Perceptions of Latino Immigrant Service Utilization
Mary Held, PhD, LCSW, The University of Tennessee; Monica Faulkner, PhD, LMSW, University of Texas at Austin; Beth Gerlach, PhD, LCSW, The University of Texas at Austin; Swetha Nulu, MPH, University of Texas at Austin
Immigrant health and mental health
Trauma Symptom Profiles in a Sample of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children: Alignment or Misalignment with the DSM-5
Robert Hasson, PhD, Providence College; Thomas Crea, PhD, Boston College; Laura O'Dwyer, PhD, Boston College; Scott Easton, PhD, Boston College; Dawnya Underwood, MSW, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (IP&SWP)
Consequences of inequality and poverty
Subjective Socioeconomic Status and Mental Health Among Young Adults: The Mediating Role of Social Participation and ICT Usage
Netta Netta Achdut Netta Achdut, PhD, Ben-Gurion University; Tehila Refaeli, PhD, Ben Gurion University
Homelessness and Housing
An Exploratory Study of Assessing Mental Health Needs and Resources Among Subsidized Housing Residents in the US-Mexico Border Region
Hyejin Jung, PhD, University of Texas at El Paso; Hebert Rocha, BA, University of Texas at El Paso; Laura Marquez, University of Texas at El Paso; Crystal Morales, University of Texas at El Paso
TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, and other social welfare programs
Medicare Subsidy Programs: Are Current Outreach and Enrollment Efforts Effective in Black Communities?
Louanne Bakk, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo; Tamara Cadet, PhD, Simmons University; Daniel Szewc, Erie County Department of Senior Services; Diane Oyler, Health Foundation for Western and Central New York
International Social Work & Global Issues (ISW&GI)
Human rights-based approaches and human rights violations
Mental Health (MH)
Systems of Care
Improving Mental Health Service Access: Exploratory Study of Existing Data
Betty Walton, PhD, Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis; Hea-Won Kim, PhD, Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis; Richard Vandyke, Indiana Family & Social Services Administration
Military Service Members, Veterans and Their Families (MSVF)
Women in the military
Organizations & Management (O&M)
Interorganizational and Intraorganizational Collaboration and Networks
The Perception of Social Workers Regarding the Competitive Institutional Environments and Networking Among Nonprofit Social Service Agencies
Junghee Bae, MA, University of Georgia; Eunhye Kim, MSW, University of Georgia; Jiyeon Han, PhD, Chung-Ang University
Organizational Behavior, Adaptation, and Change
Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing a Community-Engaged Organizational Change Intervention to Improve the Foster Care System
Megan Feely, PhD, University of Connecticut; Ericka Lewis, PhD, LMSW, University of Maryland at Baltimore; Katherine Endy, MSW, University of Maryland at Baltimore; Bethany Lee, PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Race and Ethnicity (R&E)
Ethnic Minority Groups
Raising Bicultural Asian Indian Children: Strengths and Challenges Faced By Bicultural Families
Hermeet Kohli, PhD, University of Southern Maine; Caroline Shanti, PhD, University of Southern Maine; Paula Gerstenblatt, PhD, University of Southern Maine
Ethnic Minority Wellbeing
Distress Tolerance, Family Conflict, and Ethnic Identity As Potential Therapeutic Targets of Aware Intervention for Asian American Women
Hyeouk Chris Hahm, PhD, MSSW, Boston University School of Social Work; Jenny Hsi, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health; Jiaman Xu, Boston University School of Public Health; Bona Lee, Boston University; Venissala Wongchai, Boston University; Ashruti Patel, Boston University School of Social Work; Marissa Inouye, Boston University; Calvin Cheung Zheng, Boston University; EunMyoung Alice Lee, Boston University
Research Design and Measurement (RD&M)
Quantitative Research
Examination of the Number of Halton Draws Required for Valid Estimation of Random Parameters in Mixed-Logit Models of Data from Discrete Choice Experiments
Alan Ellis, PhD, North Carolina State University; Esther deBekker-Grob, PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Kirsten Howard, PhD, University of Sydney; Kathleen Thomas, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Emily Lancsar, PhD, Australian National University; Mandy Ryan, PhD, University of Aberdeen; John Rose, PhD, University of Technology Sydney
Research on Social Work Education (RSWE)
Educational Outcomes
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Monitoring the Development of Self-Efficacy across MSW Field Internships
Janet Liechty, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Vanessa Parker, MSSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Anna Keck, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Kenna Dunlap Johnson, MSW, MBA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO&GI)
Other LGBTQ Issues
Research Innovations
Measuring Gender Expression in Gender Diverse Inclusive Ways: Evidence from LGBTQ+ University Students in Canada
Michael Woodford, PhD, Wilfrid Laurier University; Simon Coulombe, PhD, Wilfrid Laurier University; Nicholas Schwabe, MSW, Wilfrid Laurier University
Social Work Practice (SWP)
Direct Practice
Simulation in Social Work Education: A Scoping Review
Ran Hu, MSW, MA, University of Toronto; Toula Kourgiantakis, PhD, University of Toronto; Karen Sewell, PhD(c), MSW, University of Toronto; Marion Bogo, O.C., LL.D., MSW, RSW, University of Toronto
Intervention Research
Preventing Infant Mortality and Child Maltreatment in Low-Income, Urban Neighborhoods: The Longitudinal Infant and Family Environment (LIFE) Study
Sunny Shin, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Tiffany Kimbrough, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Kyle Trowbridge, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Elizabeth Lee, MSW, Virginia Department of Social Services; Carl Ayers, MSW, Virginia Department of Social Services
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors (SM&AB)
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors over the Life Course
Examining Spillover Effects of Job Skills Training on Substance Misuse Among Americans Facing Economic Disadvantages: A Longitudinal Cohort Study Using Propensity Score Weighting
Sehun Oh, PhD, Ohio State University; Diana DiNitto, PhD, University of Texas at Austin; Daniel Powers, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors over the Life Course
Adolescent Marijuana Use: Developmental Trajectory and Multi-Level Predictors
Fei Pei, MSW, Ohio State University; Rebecca McCloskey, MSW, Ohio State University; Xiafei Wang, MSW, Ohio State University; Dalhee Yoon, PhD, State University of New York at Binghamton; Susan Yoon, PhD, Ohio State University
Sustainable Development, Urbanization, and Environmental Justice (SDU&E)
Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)
Children Exposed to Violence
Everyday Violence: Physical and Emotional Abuse of Bangladeshi Street Children
Hasan Reza, PhD, Indiana University at South Bend; Nicole Bromfield, PhD, University of Houston; Larry Bennett, PhD, Indiana University at South Bend
Children Exposed to Violence
Development of Internalizing Behavior in Maltreated Children: Timing of Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Sibling Structural Factors
Megan Holmes, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Anna Bender, MSW, Case Western Reserve University; June-Yung Kim, MA, Case Western Reserve University, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences; Kylie Evans, MSW, Case Western Reserve University; Adam Perzynski, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Human Trafficking
Sex Trafficked Survivors: We Can be Leaders Too
Jacquelyn Meshelemiah, PhD, Ohio State University; Raven Lynch, MSW, Ohio State University
Intersections of Violence & Trauma
The Role of Acculturation and Intimate Partner Violence on Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms Among Hispanic Youth with Child Welfare Contact
Dianne Ciro, PhD, San Diego State University; Ijeoma Nwabuzor Ogbonnaya, PhD, San Diego State University
Work and Work-Life Policies and Programs (WWLPP)
Work/life, work/family, worker health, well-being, and performance
(WITHDRAWN) Job Demands, Job Resources, and Turnover Intention Among Social Workers in South Korea: The Mediating Effects of Emotional Exhaustion and Depersonalization
Sookyung Park, PhD, Yonsei University; Min-Kyoung Rhee, PhD, University of Southern California; Seon Woo Lee, MSW, Yonsei University
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