Session: ePoster Presentations XIII (Society for Social Work and Research 26th Annual Conference - Social Work Science for Racial, Social, and Political Justice)

360 ePoster Presentations XIII

Sunday, January 16, 2022: 11:30 AM-1:00 PM
Marquis BR Salon 6, ML 2 (Marriott Marquis Washington, DC)
* noted as presenting author
Adolescent and Youth Development (ADOL)
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Association between Early Sexual Intercourse and Sexual Violence Victimization, Symptoms of Depression, and Suicidal Ideation Among Adolescents: Findings from 2017 to 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Lisa S. Panisch, PhD, University of Rochester Medical Center; Philip Baiden, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Yi Jin Kim, PhD, University of Mississippi; Catherine LaBrenz, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Yeonwoo Kim, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Henry K Onyeaka, MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital
Adolescent Sexual Health/Reproduction
Guy Talk: Reducing Sexual Risk Behavior in Adolescent Males
Craig LeCroy, PhD, Arizona State University
Adolescent Substance Use and Abuse
Show Me Who Your Friends Are: Adolescent Health Risk Behavior Outcomes By Proxy
Ty B. Tucker, MSW, Boston College School of Social Work
Adolescent Violence/Delinquency/Homelessness
Neighborhood Ecological Characteristics and Adolescent Delinquency: The Mediating Role of Social Trust
Seonyeong Kim, BA, Seoul National University; Taekho Lee, MA, Seoul National University; Han Yoonsun, phD, Seoul National University
Aging Services and Gerontology (A&G)
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Stress Related to COVID-19, Anxiety and Resilience Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Sukyung Yoon, PhD, University of Wyoming (Division of Social Work); Soochan Choi, PhD, Yonsei University
Long Term and Palliative Care
Efficacy of a Personalized Music Intervention on Mood and Behaviors of People with Dementia: A Randomized Control Trial
Megumi Inoue, PhD, George Mason University; Meng-Hao Li, MPA, George Mason University; Shannon Layman, PhD, George Mason University; Catherine Tompkins, PhD, George Mason University; Emily S. Ihara, PhD, George Mason University
Mental Health
Gender-Based Measurement Invariance in the Self-Reporting Questionnaire 20 (SRQ-20) Among Older Adults in Puerto Rico
Denise Burnette, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Thomas Buckley, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Kyeongmo Kim, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Seon Kim, MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University; Sunghwan Cho, MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University
American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Global Indigenous Populations (Indigenous Cluster)
Trauma, discrimination, interpersonal and family violence, and injury prevention
Motor Vehicle Crash-Related Injuries and Deaths Among Indigenous People in Canada: Meta-Analysis of Geo-Structural Factors
Naomi G. Williams, MSW, University of Windsor; Kevin M Gorey, PhD, University of Windsor
Asian and Asian-Pacific Islander-Focused Research (AAPIFR)
Health and mental health
Clinical Outcomes of Asian Americans with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder
Caroline Lim, PhD, National University of Singapore; Concepcion Barrio, PhD, University of Southern California
The Mental Health Impact of Racial Discrimination Against Asian American Pacific Islanders
Hans Oh, PhD, University of Southern California; Sasha Zhou, PhD, Wayne State University; Rachel Banawa, MPH, George Washington University
Child Welfare (CW)
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
The Association between Familial Risk Factors and Maltreatment Exposure Among Youth Residing in Psychiatric Residential Treatment
Taylor Dowdy-Hazlett, MSW, Florida State University; Lauren H. K. Stanley, MSW, Florida State University; Shamra Boel-Studt, PhD, MSW, Florida State University
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
Assessing Foster and Adoptive Parent Training Strengths and Challenges: An Evaluation of the National Training and Development Curriculum
Amy Salazar, PhD, Washington State University; Angelie Day, PhD, University of Washington; Kevin Haggerty, MSW, PhD, University of Washington; Lori Vanderwill, Ph.D., University of Washington; Hungpeng Lin, University of Washington; Carey Tompkins, North American Council on Adoptable Children; Susan Barkan, PhD, University of Washington
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
An Exploratory Study of the Impact of COVID-19 on Foster Parenting
Ryan Hanlon, PhD, National Council For Adoption; JaeRan Kim, PhD, University of Washington; Cossette Woo, MSW, University of Washington; Angelie Day, PhD, University of Washington; Lori Vanderwill, Ph.D., University of Washington; Elise Dallimore, PhD, Northeastern University
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
Examination of Kinship Care Data Trends
Kanisha Brevard, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; David Ansong, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Polyvictimization and Internalizing Behaviors Among Children from Multicultural Families in South Korea
Dam I Kim, MCWS, Yonsei University; Boyoung Nam, PhD, Yonsei University
Communities and Neighborhoods (C&N)
Civic Engagement and participation
Personal Narrative As Shaping the Activist Identity of Religious Women in Israel
Edith Blit-Cohen, Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ayelet Makaros, PhD, Bar Ilan University
Neighborhood indicators/effects and community health/well-being
Crime and Criminal Justice (C&CJ)
Criminal Justice System
Pull and Push: The Effect of Social Support and Professional Resilience on the Relationship between Probation Social Workers' Cynicism and Service Impact
Guanghuai Zheng, PhD, Central China Normal University; Xinyi Zhang, MSW, Central China Normal University
Criminal Justice System
Disability (D)
Disability Policy, Programs and Services
Using Webex Technology to Increase Knowledge and Awareness about Multiple Sclerosis Via Documentary Film and Panel As an Educational Intervention
Boyd Suzanne, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Shelby Veri, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Gender (G)
Gender Discrimination
Healing Process of Turkish Women Survivors Who Have Experienced Gender-Based Violence
Burcu Ozturk, Phd, University of Oklahoma; Zeynep Zonp, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Ayse Guler, University of Cincinnati; Denise Saint Arnault, Phd, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Health (H)
Health care and medical social work
Exploring the Use of Telehealth Intervention Among Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians: A Systematic Review
Seunghye Hong, PhD, Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work; Jieha Lee, PhD MSW, Soongsil University; Mathew Goldberg, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Health equity
In Pursuit of Health Justice: Preparing the Workforce Via Virtual Interprofessional Simulation
Cali-Ryan Collin, PhD, Simmons University; Rebekah Halmo, MSW, Simmons University; Jennifer Putney, PhD, Simmons College; Gordon Chinamasa, Simmons University, School of Social Work; Tamara Cadet, PhD, Simmons University
Social, structural, and political determinants of health
A Whole Health Model of Care to Promote Social and Racial Justice
Anna Faul, PhD, University of Louisville Trager Institute; Pamela Yankeelov, PhD, University of Louisville; Madri Hall-Faul, MSW, University of Connecticut; Samantha G. Cotton, PhD, University of Louisville Trager Institute; Joseph D'Ambrosio, PhD, Trager Institute, University of Louisville; Barbara Gordon, MA, University of Louisville Trager Institute
Social, structural, and political determinants of health
Barriers to Disease Management Among People Experiencing Homelessness with Life-Limiting Illness: A Secondary Data Analysis
Pilar Ingle, MSW, University of Denver; Katie Hoops Calhoun, MSW, University of Denver; Daniel Brisson, PhD, University of Denver
Social, structural, and political determinants of health
Exploring How Structural Stigma Plays a Role in the Health Care Experiences of Persons of Color Who Experience Homelessness
Micaela Mercado, PhD, LMSW, Arizona State University, Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center; Lara Law, LMSW, Arizona State University, School of Social Work; Wendy Wolfersteig, PhD, Arizona State University
Immigrants and Refugees (I&R)
Immigrant health and mental health
Influences of Trauma and Health on Mental Health Among Karen Refugees from Burma
Wooksoo Kim, PhD, University at Buffalo, State University of New York; Isok Kim, PhD, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York; Ling Li, MA, University at Buffalo; Krisztina Baltimore, MSW, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York; Li Lin, PhD, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Legal status and citizenship
"Better, Smarter, More Nimble": Exploring Social Work's Role in Legal Services for Asylum-Seekers
David Androff, PhD, Arizona State University; Cherra Mathis, MSW, Arizona State University
Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (IP&SWP)
Causes and correlates of inequality and poverty
Homelessness and Housing
Distinguishing the Roles of Poverty and Homelessness in Long-Term Educational and Early Labor Market Outcomes in Maryland
Dawnsha Mushonga, PhD, University of Baltimore; Mathew Uretsky, PhD, Portland State University; Bess Rose, PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore; Angela Henneberger, PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore
International Social Work & Global Issues (ISW&GI)
Global issues and international social work
Perceived Behavior Control, Professional Responsibility, and Burnout Among Chinese Child Protection Social Workers: A Mediation Analysis
Ning He, MSW, New York University; Yanfeng Xu, PhD, University of South Carolina; Wei Lu, PhD, School of Sociology and Anthropology
LatinX Focused-Research (LXFR)
Health and mental health
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Tobacco Use Among Latinx Parents in the United States
Fernanda Cross, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Cristina Bares, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Karen Chartier, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Health and mental health
Time to Remission Among Hispanic Patients Being Treated in an Integrated Health Care Model
Amanda Ryan, MSW, University of Texas at Arlington; Brittany Eghaneyan, PhD, California State University, Fullerton; Katherine Sanchez, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Mike Killian, PhD, Florida State University
Mental Health (MH)
Mental Health Treatment and Services
Mental Health Treatment and Services
Understanding the Experiences of Social Workers Who Provide Care to People Living with Borderline Personality Disorder: A Critical Realist Qualitative Study
Aman Ahluwalia-Cameron, MSW, University of Windsor; Adrian Guta, PhD, University of Windsor; Elizabeth Donnelly, PhD, University of Windsor
Mental Health Treatment and Services
Vicarious Posttraumatic Growth (VPTG) Among Health Care and Social Service Providers in Disasters
Wan-Jung (Wendy) Hsieh, LICSW, university of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Jun-Hong Chen, Washington University in St. Louis; Tara Powell, PhD, MSW, MPH, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Military Service Members, Veterans and Their Families (MSVF)
Veteran suicides and homelessness
Defining Veteran Peer Support: Representing the Voices of Veterans in New York State
Amanda Matteson, MSW, State University of New York at Albany
Organizations & Management (O&M)
Organizational Behavior, Adaptation, and Change
Implications of COVID-19 for Social Services and Behavioral Health
Elena Delavega, PhD, MSW, University of Memphis; Susan Neely-Barnes, PhD, University of Memphis; Melissa Hirschi, PhD, University of Memphis; Cherry Malone, MSW, University of Memphis
Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Well being
In It Together: An Organizational Framework for Trauma-Informed Vaccination Decision-Making
Gina DelJones, Center for Great Expectations; Hannah Pomales, Center for Great Expectations; Erica Rodriguez, Center for Great Expectations; Emily Bosk, Ph.D., Rutgers University; Alicia Mendez, MSW, Rutgers University
Race and Ethnicity (R&E)
Ethnic Minority Wellbeing
Social Service Provision By Minority Religious Organizations: A Case Study of the Islamic Movement in Kafr Qassim
Rana Eseed, Ph.D, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Shalhevet Attar-Schwartz, Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research Design and Measurement (RD&M)
Community-Based Participatory Research
Qualitative Research
Do Adolescents Who Achieve Legal Permanence Fare Better Than Their Aged-out Counterparts during Emerging Adulthood?
Alfred Perez, PhD, Seattle University; Nancy Rolock, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Julia Sant, Seattle University
Research on Social Work Education (RSWE)
Engaged Teaching and Learning
Wan-Yi Chen, West Chester University
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Anne Kirvan, MSW, University of Toronto
School Social Work (SSW)
School Climate and Culture Conducive to Student Learning and Teaching Excellence
Cyberbullying Perpetration and Victimization of School Teachers and Parents in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Panel-Based Dual-Perspective Approach
Ruth Berkowitz, PhD, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences; Guy Enosh, Ph.D, Univetsity of Haifa; Shay Tzafrir, PhD, University of Haifa; Naama Bar-On, M.A., University of Haifa; Ravit Alfandari, PhD, University of Haifa
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO&GI)
Health and Well-being
Perceived Safety in Community and Service Settings Among Sexual and Gender Diverse Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness: A Mixed-Method Ecological Momentary Assessment Study
Graham DiGuiseppi, ScM, University of Southern California; Sara Semborski, LCSW, University of Southern California; Harmony Rhoades, PhD, University of Southern California; Jeremy Goldbach, PhD, University of Southern California; Benjamin Henwood, PhD, University of Southern California
Intersecting Communities and PrEP Uptake Among Latinx Sexual Minority Men
Gabriel Robles, PhD, LCSW, Rutgers University; Chenglin Hong, MSW, MPH, University of California, Los Angeles; Melanie Yu, MA, Rutgers University
Social Work Practice (SWP)
Policy Practice
Interpersonal, Professional and Political: Minority Social Workers As Policy Actors
Hani Nouman, PhD, School of Social work; Faisal Azaiza, PhD., Univetsity of Haifa; Guy Enosh, Ph.D, Univetsity of Haifa
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors (SM&AB)
Addictive Behaviors and Co-Occurring Problems
The Association between Social Media Use, Mental Illness, and Vaping and Smoking
Michelle Belliveau, University of British Columbia; Sarah Dow-Fleisner, PhD, University of British Columbia; Laura Struik, PhD, University of British Columbia; Shelly Ben-David, PhD, University of British Columbia Okanagan; Dixon Sookraj, PhD, University of British Columbia
Non-Substance Addictive Behaviors: Gambling, Sex, Technology, and Others
Substances: Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescription and Other Drugs
A Longitudinal Examination of the Relationship between Religious Service Attendance and Young Adult Substance Use
Shiyou Wu, Ph.D, Arizona State University; David R Hodge, PhD, Arizona State University; Flavio Marsiglia, PhD, Arizona State University; Qi Wu, PhD, Arizona State University
Sustainable Development, Urbanization, and Environmental Justice (SDU&E)
Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)
Human Trafficking
Building a Restorative Community for Survivors of Human Trafficking: A Case Study for Interagency Collaboration
Robert P. McLaughlin, MSW, Fordham University; Patricia Dawson, PhD, Fordham University; Sue Groman, MSW, Fordham University
Intimate Partner Violence
Economic Empowerment and Intimate Partner Violence: Lessons from Survivors and Service Providers
Sarah Tarshis, PhD, Carleton University; Mariama Diallo, DSW, Rutgers University
Intimate Partner Violence
Sarah Leat, PhD, University of Memphis
Work and Work-Life Policies and Programs (WWLP&P)
Work and gender, child care, breastfeeding in the workplace, fathers' parental leave
The Relationship between Childcare and Material Hardship: An Exploratory Study
Megan Ronnenberg, MSW, University of Iowa; Aislinn Conrad, PhD, University of Iowa
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