Session: WITHDRAWN: Lgbtqia+ Youth: Examining and Tackling Their Inequalities from a Resilience Perspective (Society for Social Work and Research 27th Annual Conference - Social Work Science and Complex Problems: Battling Inequities + Building Solutions)

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94 WITHDRAWN: Lgbtqia+ Youth: Examining and Tackling Their Inequalities from a Resilience Perspective

Friday, January 13, 2023: 9:45 AM-11:15 AM
Valley of the Sun C, 2nd Level (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)
Cluster: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Symposium Organizer:
Victor Rodrigo González Álvarez, MSc, University of Groningen
Scientific research on LGBTQIA+ youth has largely focused on their negative mental and physical health risk factors and outcomes. The risk-based approach has undeniably revealed the sheer health inequalities burdening LGBTQIA+ youth. However, the risk-based approach has neglected their resilience capacities; the many ways in which LGBTQIA+ youth successfully navigate and overcome their many challenges to sustain optimal wellbeing. Findings regarding LGBTQIA+ youth resilience highlight the importance of factors like family acceptance, social support, and affirmative practices of their identities. Yet, important knowledge gaps and research challenges remain. This symposium aims to address these gaps and challenges by presenting diverse perspectives and studies on LGBTQIA+ youth and their resilience.

Rodrigo Gonzalez Alvarez will discuss the findings of a scoping review study on resilience among LGBTQIA+ youth in out-of-home care. The review summarizes the scarcely available knowledge about resilience resources and processes in this population while pointing out specific research gaps and offering suggestions for fostering resilience.

June Paul will present the results of a study examining the usefulness of a tool to identify and reflect on the quality and sources of the youth relationships, the resources/services they are receiving, and any unmet support-related needs they may be experiencing. Results suggest that this is an effective tool for assisting youth in developing/maintaining healthy, supportive relationships; connecting them to resources that are safe, appropriate, and affirming of who they are; and ultimately improving their health and wellbeing.

Gerald Mallon will examine the experiences of a national cohort of transgender and gender expansive youth in the foster care system. Through qualitative interviewing, the study delves into youth experiences with peers, staff, and systems as they related to their experiences as self-identified transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive individuals. Results show a range of positive and negative experiences with respect to accessing trans-competent services and developing supportive relationships.

Monica Lopez Lopez will reflect on the ethical challenges and insights learned while conducting the research project Audre, which focused on the experiences of LGBTQIA+ youth in out-of-home care. She will illustrate the complexities of research as an ethical endeavor: from the basic requirement of ensuring participants safety, to issues of meaningful participation, cultural competence, and researchers' reflexivity. A conclusive thought emerges: highly ethical research not only protects but also empowers.

Kevin van Mierlo will offer us an insightful presentation from his unique position as a participant and research assistant in the Audre project. He will offer his own reflections on how we can better include the knowledge of non-scientists in scientific knowledge production, particularly queer youth, and how we can envision academia if a more wholesome approach is incorporated.

This symposium aims to explore new research approaches that promote social change and benefit marginalized populations. Resilience-based perspectives have the potential to tap the positive resources and pathways to nurture for LGBTQIA+ youth to thrive. The symposium, applying the participatory principles presented, will follow a participatory approach where a dialogue with the audience will be prioritized.

* noted as presenting author
Resilience Among Lgbtqia+ Youth in out of Home Care- a Scoping Review
Victor Rodrigo González Álvarez, MSc, University of Groningen
(Withdrawn) Facing the Ethical Challenges of Conducting Research with Lgbtqia+ Youth: Working Together Not Only to Prevent Harm, but to Build Participants Resilience
Monica Lopez Lopez, PhD, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands
Building Resilience through Participation in Research
Kevin van Mierlo, BA, University of Waterloo
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