Session: Grand Challenges for Social Work Roundtable: Recentering and Generating Equity in Knowledge: How Will the Grand Challenges for Social Work Go Grander? (Society for Social Work and Research 28th Annual Conference - Recentering & Democratizing Knowledge: The Next 30 Years of Social Work Science)

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247 Grand Challenges for Social Work Roundtable: Recentering and Generating Equity in Knowledge: How Will the Grand Challenges for Social Work Go Grander?

Saturday, January 13, 2024: 12:45 PM-1:45 PM
Archives, ML 4 (Marriott Marquis Washington DC)
Michael Spencer, PhD, University of Washington, Neil Guterman, PhD, New York University, Carrie Pettus, PhD, Justice System Partners, Schnavia Hatcher, University of Alabama and Kira Silk, LMSW, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Last year, the Grand Challenges for Social Work (GCSW) introduced its efforts to Go Grander - a renewal process that aimed to expand opportunities for new voices and people to get involved, and to increase the initiative's impact on both the field of social work, and society.

Launched in 2016, the GCSW initiative has made significant progress, but not without critical feedback and critique. As an initiative for the field and for society, it was imperative to reflect and respond to these reactions and requests and strive to be more inclusive and innovative.

Go Grander presented an opportunity to identify additional pressing issues facing our field in the coming years and to create new ways for people to connect to the work and be engaged with the initiative. The initiative first sought further input from the field through a public survey and ongoing discussions with various partners and stakeholders. Go Grander introduced new working papers, working groups, sub-networks, and new Grand Challenge(s). Roundtable participants will hear about these new areas of focus and how they can be involved or propose additional ideas.

By building new and strengthening existing partnerships with leading social work organizations (i.e. CSWE, NASW, SSWR, and others), and over 60 universities, the initiative continues to build awareness and engagement from social workers and our interdisciplinary stakeholders to improving the communities in which we live. The momentum of the initiative's success thus far can help make even grander strides against the greatest challenges of our society by embracing the addition of new Grand Challenges for our field. The network structure has enabled and supported collaboration across campuses and disciplines, and encourages innovation in research, policy and practice of our field to promote the science and impact of social work.

Participants in the roundtable will hear about current priorities and directions for the Grand Challenges for Social Work. The roundtable will also provide the opportunity to learn how the Grand Challenges framework can increase its impact on research, education, policy, and practice through innovation and collaboration, and how to connect their work to and with the framework.

Join us to learn about and help shape the next generation of Grand Challenges for Social Work!

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