Session: ePoster Presentations I (Society for Social Work and Research 22nd Annual Conference - Achieving Equal Opportunity, Equity, and Justice)

24 ePoster Presentations I

Thursday, January 11, 2018: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Marquis BR Salon 6 (ML 2) (Marriott Marquis Washington DC)
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Adolescent and Youth Development (ADOL)
Adolescent Sexual Health/Reproduction
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Adolescent Development and Parental Warmth: A Family Systems Perspective
Jeremiah Jaggers, PhD, Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis; Wesley Church, PhD, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge
Early Adolescent Development
Racial/Ethnic Measurement Invariance of the School Success Profile (SSP)'s Future Orientation Scale
Yunyu Xiao, M.Phil., New York University; Natasha K. Bowen, PhD, MSW, Ohio State University; Michael Lindsey, PhD, MSW, MPH, New York University
Adolescents – Special Populations (Minority/Indigenous Youth)
Adolescent Health
A Population Based Examination of the Characteristics and Maltreatment History of Young Fathers in California
Lindsey Palmer, MSW, University of Southern California; Bryn King, PhD, University of Toronto; Andrea Lane Eastman, MA, University of Southern California; Emily Putnam-Hornstein, PhD, University of Southern California
Adolescent Violence/Delinquency/Homelessness
A Pernicious Cycle: Finding the Pathways from Child Maltreatment to Adolescent Peer Victimization
Dalhee Yoon, MSW, Case Western Reserve University; Susan Yoon, PhD, Ohio State University; Jiho Park, MA, Case Western Reserve University
Transition Age Youth/Emerging Adulthood
Adolescent Violence/Delinquency/Homelessness
Aging Services and Gerontology (A&G)
Caregiving for Older Adults
A Community Needs Assessment of Holocaust Survivors
Melissa Pullman, MSW, Yeshiva University; Wendy Zeitlin, PhD, Montclair State University; Charles Auerbach, PhD, Yeshiva University; Kelly Klinger, BA, Montclair State University
Diverse Elders
Depression Interventions for Latino Adults 50 Years and Older: A Systematic Review from 2012-2017
David Camacho, MSW, MSG, Columbia University; Ellen Lukens, PhD, Columbia University; Anindita Bhattacharya, MSW, Columbia University
Elder Abuse
A Qualitative Exploration of Resident-to-Resident Aggression (RRA) in Long-Term Care Dementia Units
Manaal A. Syed, MSW, University of Toronto; David Burnes, PhD, University of Toronto
Social Networks & Supports
Economic Well-being
Food Insecurity and Depressive Symptoms of Older Adults Living Alone in South Korea
Youngmi Kim, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Aely Park, PhD, Ewha Womans University; Kyeongmo Kim, MSW, University of Maryland at Baltimore
American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Global Indigenous Populations (Indigenous Cluster)
Alcohol, tobacco, and substance use, abuse prevention and treatment
Culturally-Informed Interventions for Substance Abuse Among Indigenous Youth: A Systematic Review
Jessica Liddell, MSW/MPH, Tulane University; Catherine Burnette, PhD, Tulane University
Child Welfare (CW)
Prevention and Intervention
Doula Home Visitors Are Effective at Promoting Sensitive Parenting during Early Infancy: A Randomized Controlled Study
Nora Medina, MSW, University of Chicago; Renee Edwards, PhD, University of Chicago; Linda Henson, MA, University of Chicago; Sydney Hans, PhD, University of Chicago
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
Discharge Rates By Ethno-Racial Categories - Peel CAS
Brenda Moody, MBA, Peel CAS; Jolanta Rasteniene, Peel CAS; Barbara Fallon, PhD, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto; Nico Trocmé, PhD, McGill University; Tara Black, PhD, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto; Carolyn O'Connor, MSW, University of Toronto
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
An Examination of Agency and Individual Factors Associated with Worker Retention in Public Child Welfare Agencies
Michael Biehl, PhD, University of California, Berkeley; Sandhya Hermon, PhD, University of California, Berkeley; Elizabeth Wroughton, MSW, University of California, Berkeley; E. Maxwell Davis, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Communities and Neighborhoods (C&N)
Civic Engagement and participation
Crime and Criminal Justice (C&CJ)
Criminal Justice System
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Role As Mitigators for Youthful and Non-Youthful Offenders in Capital Sentencing Cases
Sondra Fogel, Ph.D., University of South Florida; Jessica Trapassi, University of South Florida; John Cochran, PhD, University of South Florida; Dwayne Smith, PhD, University of South Florida; Beth Bjerregaard, PhD, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Disability (D)
Access, Universal Design, Usability, and Assistive Technology
Engaging Community Capabilities with Technology: A Mixed-Method Study of Human-Robot Social Learning for People with Disabilities
Bonita B. Sharma, MSSW, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; John C. Bricout, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Skylar Joyner, LMSW, LGW, University of Texas at Arlington; Kevin Vilbig, University of Texas at Arlington
Caregiving and Caregiving Supports
Gender (G)
The State of Feminism in Social Work Education: A Scoping Review
Taylor Yates, MSW, University of Georgia; Abha Rai, PhD, University of Georgia
Health (H)
Health Promotion and Education
Health and Illness
Inclusion, Access and Disparities
Access to Dental Care for Rural Veterans
Patricia Findley, DrPH, MSW, Rutgers University; R. Constance Wiener, DMD, PhD, West Virginia University; Chan Shen, PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; Usha Sambamoorthi, PhD, West Virginia University
A Trauma Informed Approach to Serving HIV+ Women
Jennifer Lewis, PhD, University of Southern California
Immigrants and Refugees (I&R)
Immigrant health and mental health
Immigrant adaptation
Acculturation Stress Among Older Korean American Immigrants
Sam Choi, PhD, Alabama A&M University; Eun Koh, PhD, The Catholic University of America
Immigration policy and enforcement
A Critical Latino Response to President Trump's Executive Order on Interior Immigration Enforcement
Anayeli Lopez, MSSA, Boston College; Robert Rosales, MSW, Boston College; Victor Figuereo, MSW, MA, Boston College; Luz Maria Hernandez-Meneses, MA, LLM, Boston College
Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (IP&SWP)
Consequences of inequality and poverty
Causes and correlates of inequality and poverty
Financial Knowledge of Chinese Rural Residents: A Qualitative Study from Fujian
Yiqing Yuan, New York University; Minchao Jin, PhD, New York University
International Social Work & Global Issues (ISW&GI)
Global issues and international social work
Examining the Impact of the Ban on International Surrogacy on the Livelihood of Surrogate Mothers in India
Sarah Huber, MSW, MPA, Ohio State University; Sharvari Karandikar, PhD, Ohio State University; Lindsay Gezinski, University of Utah
International Development (economic, human and social)
A Multiple Regression Analysis of Self-Perceived Social Identity Among Rural-to-Urban Migrant Children in China
Yixuan Wang, LMSW, LLM, Fordham University; Fuhua Zhai, PhD, Fordham University; Qin Gao, Ph.D., Columbia University; Cathy Berkman, PhD, Fordham University
Comparative studies, policy and practice
Assessing Gendered Geographical Inequalities in Junior High School Enrollment and the Role of Education Resources
David Ansong, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Brittney Chesworth, MSW, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Moses Okumu, MSW, University of Toronto; Eric Ansong, Ph.D., University of East London; Cedrick Joseph Wabwire, BA, Uganda Christian University
Mental Health (MH)
Serious Mental Illness
Suicidal Ideation and First Episode of Psychosis: Secondary Analysis of the Recovery after an Initial Schizophrenia Episode (RAISE) Data
Lindsay A. Bornheimer, PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis; Qiong Wu, BA, New York University
Adverse Effects and Treatment Satisfaction Among Online Users of Four Antidepressants
Jeffrey Lacasse, PhD, Florida State University; Shannon Hughes, PhD, Colorado State University; Jennifer Spaulding-Givens, PhD, University of North Florida
Mental Health Treatment and Services
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Behavioral Health Service Utilization: A Systematic Review
Mary Ann Priester, MSW, University of South Carolina; Ligia Vasquez, MS, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Elizabeth Racine, DrPH, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Shanti Kulkarni, PhD, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Prevention and Resilience
Discovering the Turning Points of Recovery: A Qualitative Study on Recovery Processes of Clients with Severe DSM Diagnoses Who Were Able to Recover without Ongoing Reliance of Medications
Chang Liu, MSW, Ohio State University; Mo Yee Lee, PhD, Ohio State University; Xiafei Wang, MSW, Ohio State University; Nancy Yates, LISW, Ohio State University
Military Service Members, Veterans and Their Families (MSVF)
Combat and deployment trauma and stressors
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Growth Among Combat-Exposed Vietnam Veterans: Is the Association Quadratic or Moderated By Resilience?
Thomas Chacko, State University of New York at Buffalo; Kristin Naragon-Gainey, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Organizations & Management (O&M)
Child Welfare NGOs in Hong Kong: Does Advocacy Work?
Lucy Jordan, University of Hong Kong; Cheryl Chui, SWSA; Marty Forth, SWSA
Funding, Contracting, and Accountability
Strategic Action Plan Evaluation: Measuring Outcomes of Work Focused on Social Change for Women and Girls
Rebecca McCloskey, MSW, Ohio State University; Samantha Bates, MSW, Ohio State University; Dawn Anderson-Butcher, PhD, Ohio State University; Nichole Dunn, The Women's Fund of Central Ohio
Race and Ethnicity (R&E)
CBPR with Ethnic Minorities
Latent Profiles of Acculturation and Their Implications for Health: A Study with Asian Americans
Yuri Jang, PHD, University of Texas at Austin; Nan Sook Park, PhD, University of South Florida; David Chiriboga, PhD, University of South Florida
Research Design and Measurement (RD&M)
Implementation Research
An Adaptation of Respondent Driven Sampling to Recruit Samples of Young Black Women Aged 18 to 25 in Los Angeles
Jaih Craddock, MSW, MA, University of Southern California; Eric Rice, PhD, University of Southern California
Community-Based Participatory Research
Participation, Power and Conflicts. Involvement of Social Service Users and Practitioners in Participatory Research
Sidsel Natland, PhD, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
Research on Social Work Education (RSWE)
Engaged Teaching and Learning
Educational Outcomes
A Qualitative Study of the Moral Development of Undergraduate Students at a Private University
Janelle Duda-Banwar, MSW, Case Western Reserve University; Adam T. Perzynski, PhD, The MetroHealth System/Case Western Reserve University; Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Joshua Terchek, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
School Social Work (SSW)
Access to School-based and Community-based Resources
Longitudinal Comparison of the Adoption and Implementation of Community Schools
Samantha Bates, MSW, Ohio State University; Natasha Bowen, PhD, College of Social Work; Dawn Anderson-Butcher, PhD, Ohio State University
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO&GI)
Health and Well-being
Discrimination and Bias
Bias-Motivated Physical Assaults Among Transgender, Genderqueer, and Cisgender Sexual Minority Youth
G. Allen Ratliff, MSW, University of California, Berkeley; Paul Sterzing, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Social Work Practice (SWP)
Cultural Competence
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors (SM&AB)
Assessment, Measurement, and Research Methods
Methodological Advances in Alcohol Research: Two Event-Level Pilot Studies of Drinking Behavior
Danielle Madden, PhD, Ohio State University; John D. Clapp, PhD, University of Southern California
Addictive Behaviors and Co-Occurring Problems
Decrease in Healthcare Utilization and Costs for Opioid Users Following Residential Integrated Treatment for Co- Occurring Disorders
Siobhan Morse, MHSA, Foundations Recovery Network/Universal Health Services; Brian Bride, PhD, Georgia State University
Sustainable Development, Urbanization, and Environmental Justice (SDU&E)
Climate change, extreme weather events, and natural disasters
Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)
Dating Violence
How Does Teen Dating Violence Experiences Impact Teen-Parent Communication?
Bernadette Ombayo, MSW, University of Texas at Arlington; Beverly Black, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Kathleen Preble, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
Human Trafficking
A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Hopkins Symptom Checklist with Ghanaian Female Survivors of Trafficking
David Okech, PhD, University of Georgia; Sunwoo Lee, MSW, University of Georgia
Intersections of Violence & Trauma
Children Exposed to Violence
Work, Family, and Family Policy (WF&FP)
Jobs, employment, and the labor market
Association between Gender Inequality in Country of Origin and the Economic Participation of Refugee Women Resettled in the United States
Sarah Richards-Desai, MSW, State University of New York at Buffalo; Yunju Nam, PhD, School of Social Work
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