Session: Scholarship as Resistance: Critical Feminist Research and Writing (Society for Social Work and Research 23rd Annual Conference - Ending Gender Based, Family and Community Violence)

RMW-3 Scholarship as Resistance: Critical Feminist Research and Writing

Thursday, January 17, 2019: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Golden Gate 4, Lobby Level (Hilton San Francisco)
Yoosun Park, PhD, Smith College, Sara Goodkind, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Ramona Beltran, PhD, University of Denver, Rupaleem Bhuyan, PhD, University of Toronto, Shirley Chau, PhD, University of British Columbia, Shweta Singh, PhD, Loyola University, Chicago and Stephanie Wahab, PhD, Portland State University
While feminist scholarship covers vast and contested theoretical and methodological landscapes, a core theme that unites all feminist research and writing is a politic of resistance. Feminist scholarship generates alternative forms of knowledge and ways of knowing to contest entrenched and dominant narratives not only to create more knowledge but also to disrupt the usual, the accepted, the already legitimated. Relevant to the current political tumult and climate of fear amongst many who claim marginalized identities, research and scholarship that challenges the center while claiming and reclaiming the margins is an urgent task for social work. The session will:

Introduce critical feminist scholarship in social work through illustrative exemplars:

  • Affilia‘s editorial board members will prepare brief remarks on the following topics: 1) Participatory research with Black girls to address systemic inequality, 2) The psychological and emotional violence of discrimination experienced by racialized immigrants, 3) Historical scholarship on gender and US immigration policy, 4) Scope of Feminist evaluation research and measurement with smaller non-profitprograms, and 5) Policy analysis of the production of deportability and gender-based violence for immigrants with precarious status.

Provide opportunity for interactive discussion of key questions:

  • What is critical feminist scholarship? What makes a study feminist? What makes a study critical?
  • What are barriers to doing feminist scholarship in social work?
  • What methodologies can be used? Are some more appropriate than others?
  • What are the epistemological and theoretical concerns?
  • What are criteria for appraising critical feminist scholarship in social work?
  • How does critical feminist scholarship contribute to resistance?

Engage participants in facilitated interactive small group activities to workshop projects in all stages of development.

  • Developing new ideas for research and writing
  • Gather collaborative feedback and input on current projects
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