Session: ePoster Presentations III (Society for Social Work and Research 24th Annual Conference - Reducing Racial and Economic Inequality)

76 ePoster Presentations III

Friday, January 17, 2020: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
Marquis BR Salon 6 (ML 2) (Marriott Marquis Washington DC)
* noted as presenting author
Adolescent and Youth Development (ADOL)
Adolescent Health
Exploring School Belonging, Alcohol Use, and Depression in Mexican Youth through a Developmental Cascade Model
Marvyn R. Arevalo Avalos, MA, Arizona State University; Stephen Kulis, PhD, Arizona State University; Stephanie Ayers, PhD, Arizona State University; Flavio Marsiglia, PhD, Arizona State University; Bertha L. Nuno-Gutierrez, PhD, Universidad de Guadalajara; Maria Dolores Lozano Corona, PhD, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Maria Elena Medina-Mora, PhD, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Miguel Angel Mendoza Melendez, PhD, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria Ramon de la Fuente Muniz
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
(WITHDRAWN) Differences in How Certain Types of Child Maltreatment Are Associated with Suicidal Ideation and Attempts
Moo-Hyun Kim, MSW, University of Washington; Peter Pecora, PhD, Casey Family Programs
Adolescents – Special Populations (Minority/Indigenous Youth)
Fostering General Self-Efficacy in Yi Ethnic Minority of Rural China: Ethnic Identity and Classmate Support
Hor Yan Angel Lai, PhD, Hong Kong Baptist University; Cheryl Chui, The University of Hong Kong
Adolescent Violence/Delinquency/Homelessness
The Correlation between Delinquent Peers and Perpetration of Serious Physical Violence: Religiosity As a Protective Factor
Adeem Massarwi, PhD, Kingston University London; Rana Eseed, PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Mona Khoury-Kassabri, PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Youth Development
Building Attunement to Facilitate Adult-Youth Relationships through Mentoring of Urban Youth
Monserrat Vazquez, Loyola University, Chicago; Julia Pryce, PhD, Loyola University, Chicago; Kathryn Grant, DePaul University; Stacy Stewart, DePaul University; Linda Gilkerson, PhD, Erikson Institute
Aging Services and Gerontology (A&G)
Long Term and Palliative Care
Fostering Compassionate Care for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease
Sam Cotton, PhD, MSSW, University of Louisville; Anna Faul, PhD, University of Louisville Trager Institute; Joseph D'Ambrosio, PhD, Trager Institute, University of Louisville; Pamela Yankeelov, PhD, University of Louisville
Social Networks & Supports
Public Perceptions Toward Older Adults in Korea: Sentiment Analysis of Tweets
Michin Hong, PhD, Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis; Hae Jung Kim, PhD, Kyung Hee University; Victor Cornet, MA, Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis; Dolapo Adeniji, MSW, Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis
American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Global Indigenous Populations (Indigenous Cluster)
Alcohol, tobacco, and substance use, abuse prevention and treatment
Sex Differences in Physical, Behavioral, and Mental Factors Related to Alcohol Use Among American Indians
Catherine Burnette, PhD, MSW, Tulane University; Soonhee Roh, PhD, University of South Dakota; Yeon-Shim Lee, PhD, San Francisco State University
Child Welfare (CW)
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
Relative Importance of Caregiver Characteristics for Future Alcohol Consumption in Youth Involved with Child Welfare System
Victor Lushin, PhD, University of Pennsylvania; Colleen Cary Katz, PhD, Hunter College; Marina Lalayants, Phd, Hunter College
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
Assessing Suicidal Ideation in Frontline Child Welfare Workers
Sarah Rakes, LCSW, Florida State University; Erin King, LCSW, Florida State University; Dina Wilke, PhD, Florida State University
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
Barriers to Father Engagement in the Child Welfare System
Julia Hernandez, MSW, University of California, Berkeley; Cristina Gomez-Vidal, MSW, University of California, Berkeley
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
Credit Checks for Youth in Foster Care: Evaluating Program Outcomes in Virginia
John Gyourko, BS, Virginia Commonwealth University; Jamie Cage, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Prevention and Intervention
Measuring the Impact of Abuser Role on Chronic and Severe Physical and Psychological Abuse
Carin Ikenberg, LMSW, University of Alabama; Leah Cheatham, JD, PhD, University of Alabama; Yan Luo, MSW, University of Alabama; Krystal Dozier, MSW, University of Alabama; John Cardinale, PhD, Columbia University
Defining Child Neglect: A Scoping Review of Perceptions, Trends, and Risk Factors in Different Cultural Groups
Melanie Yu, MA, Rutgers University; Jason Lynch, BA, Montclair State University; Cassandra Simmel, PhD, Rutgers University; Svetlana Shpiegel, PhD, Montclair State University
Communities and Neighborhoods (C&N)
Community based participatory research
Photovoice with Young People: A Scoping Review
Lin Fang, University of Toronto; Gwendolyn Fearing, MSW, University of Toronto; Maria Al-Raes, University of Toronto
Neighborhood indicators/effects and community health/well-being
Perceptions of Community Influences on Substance Misuse through Prevention Professionals' Lens: Mobile Application Photos Collected to Help Target Policy Change
Kristen Powell, PhD, Rutgers University; Mariam Rashid, MPH, Rutgers University; Clare Neary, MS, Rutgers University; N. Andrew Peterson, PhD, Rutgers University
Crime and Criminal Justice (C&CJ)
Criminal Justice System
Environmental Factors' Influence on Criminal Justice Involvement for People with Serious Mental Illness
Kathryn Frances, MSW, University of Chicago; Matthew Epperson, PhD, University of Chicago; Briana Payton, MSW, University of Chicago
Disability (D)
Disability, Quality of Life and Health/Mental Health Outcomes
Gender (G)
Measures of Economic Empowerment of Rural South Asian Women: A Systematic Review
Nibedita Shrestha, M.Phil, University of Texas at Arlington
Reproductive Health
Family Planning in Appalachia: Focus Group Interviews with Stakeholders in the Context of the Opioid Epidemic
Laura Swan, MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University; Gretchen Ely, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo; Nimah Araf, State University of New York at Buffalo
Health (H)
Health and Illness
Associations of Fear of Cancer Recurrence between Health Behaviors and Health Service Use: A Systematic Review
Sarah Reed, PhD, MSW, MPH, University of California, Davis; Julie Berrett-Abebe, PhD, MSW, MA, Westfield State College; Sayantani Sarkar, BSc Nursing, University of California, Davis; Robin Whitney, PhD, University of California, San Francisco; Janice Bell, PhD, MPH, MN, University of California, Davis
Health and Illness
Health Promotion and Education
Enhancing Mammography Use in Korean American Immigrant Women: The Role of Views on Breast Cancer and Screening
Mi Hwa Lee, PhD, East Carolina University; Hee Yun Lee, PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Sohye Lee, PhD, University of Memphis
Public Health Social Work
Who Is Poor and Why Do They Stay Poor? How Stakeholders Describe Rural People in Poverty
Cristian Meier, PhD, Utah State University; Natoshia Askelson, PhD, University of Iowa
Immigrants and Refugees (I&R)
Immigrant adaptation
The Financial Polemics of African Refugee Livelihoods in Places of Resettlement: A Transformative Mixed Methods Study
Arati Maleku, Ph.D., Ohio State University; Youn Kyoung Kim, PhD, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge; Njeri Kagotho, PhD, Ohio State University; Younghee Lim, PhD, University of Mississippi
Immigrant health and mental health
Mental Health Literacy in an Asian Immigrant Group: Does Social Network Size Matter?
Y. Joon Choi, PhD, University of Georgia; Hee Yun Lee, PhD, University of Alabama; Young Ji Yoon, MSW, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Jennifer Oh, MSW, Radford University
Immigrant health and mental health
Understanding the Ethnic Self: A Qualitative Study of 1.5-Generation Korean American Adult Immigrants
Johnny Kim, PhD, University of Denver; In young Park, MSW, University of Denver
Immigration policy and enforcement
Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (IP&SWP)
Causes and correlates of inequality and poverty
Employment and Economic Integration Gap of Refugee Women Resettled in the U.S.: Gender Inequality in Country of Origin
Sarah Richards-Desai, MSW, State University of New York at Buffalo; Yunju Nam, PhD, School of Social Work
Consequences of inequality and poverty
Consequences of inequality and poverty
Doubling up to Make Ends Meet: Co-Housing As an Economic Strategy for Undocumented Latinxs
Jennifer Scott, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge
International Social Work & Global Issues (ISW&GI)
International Development (economic, human and social
Mental Health (MH)
Mental Health Treatment and Services
(WITHDRAWN) Self-Directed Care for Behavioral Health: Lessons Learned from the New York State Pilot Implementation
Chia-ling Chung, PhD, New York State Office of Mental Health; Laura Elwyn, PhD, LCSW-R, New York State Office of Mental Health; Donald Zalucki, New York State Office of Mental Health; Emily DeLorenzo, PhD, New York State Office of Mental Health; Marleen Radigan, DrPH, New York State Office of Mental Health
Prevention and Resilience
Systems of Care
Systems of Care
Decarceration through Coercion?: An Ethnographic Examination of Involuntary Outpatient Commitment and the Criminal Justice System
Ryan Dougherty, MSW, University of California, Los Angeles; Erin Kelly, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; Charlotte Neary-Bremer, University of California, Los Angeles; Marcia Meldrum, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; Philippe Bourgois, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; Joel Braslow, MD, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Military Service Members, Veterans and Their Families (MSVF)
Women in the military
Help Seeking Among Women Veteran Students within Postsecondary Educational Settings
David Albright, PhD, University of Alabama; Kate Thomas, PhD, Charleston Southern University; Justin McDaniel, PhD, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; Kari Fletcher, PhD, LICSW, University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul; Kelli Godfrey, LMSW, University of Alabama; Jessica Bertram, MSW, University of Alabama; Caroline Angel, PhD, Team Red, White, and Blue
Organizations & Management (O&M)
Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Well being
Is Time Management Enough? Examining the Role of Emotional Supervisor Support on Work-Life Balance: A Study of Non-Profit Hospital Human Service Employees
Akanksha Anand, PhD Candidate, Fordham University; Kenrick D. Cato, PhD, Columbia University; Stan Kachnowski, PhD, Columbia University
Race and Ethnicity (R&E)
Ethnic Minority Wellbeing
Ideation-to-Action Continuum Among Latinx Youth: An Ecological Systems Perspective
Tatiana Villarreal-Otalora, LCSW, University of Georgia; Javier F. Boyas, PhD, University of Mississippi; Luis Alvarez-Hernandez, MSW, LCSW, University of Georgia; Mariam Fatehi, MSW, University of Georgia
Ethnic Minority Wellbeing
Latinx Adult Perspectives on How Ethnic Identity Is Constructed from Birth to Adolescence in the United States: A Phenomenological Study
Xochilt Alamillo, LCSW, University of Denver; Miguel Trujillo, MSW, University of Denver; Lisa Colon, MA, University of Denver; Ceema Samimi, MSSW, MPA, University of Denver
Research Design and Measurement (RD&M)
At the Brink of the Budget: How Latent Structure of Financial Well-Being Is Perceived By Americans
Euijin Jung, University of Kansas; Kahee Han, University of Kansas
Mixed Methods
Using the Five Minute Speech Sample to Assess Reflective Functioning in Young Mothers Who Babywear: A Prospective Study
Molly Gebler, MSW, Arizona State University; Lela Williams, PhD, Arizona State University
Research on Social Work Education (RSWE)
Educational Outcomes
Difference between BSW and MSW Student's Attitudes and Knowledge Regarding Substance Use
Melissa Reitmeier, PhD, University of South Carolina; Aidyn Iachini, PhD, University of South Carolina; Dave Murday, PhD, University of South Carolina; Teri Browne, PhD, University of South Carolina; Andrew Flaherty, MSW, University of South Carolina
Educational Outcomes
Interprofessional Education Competency Mastery: Blending Teaching Modalities
Maureen Rubin, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno; Carrie Hintz, University of Nevada, Reno; Julie Thomas, University of Nevada, Reno; Shawn Thomas, University of Nevada, Reno
School Social Work (SSW)
Education, Behavior, and Mental Health Services and Practices
Examining School Social Worker Influence on Student Disciplinary Outcomes
Brandon Mitchell, BA, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Cooper Stansbury, BA, University of Michigan-Dearborn; Heather Knauer, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO&GI)
Health and Well-being
An Intersectional Modeling of Risk for Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Among LGBTQ Adolescents: Demographics, Bullying Victimization, Mental Health, and IPV
Stephanie Speer, MSW, University of Denver; Brittanie Atteberry-Ash, MSW, University of Denver; Eugene Walls, PhD, University of Denver
Health and Well-being
Factors Associated with Smoking Among Sexual and Gender Minority Older Adults: The Roles of Loneliness, Depression, Perceived Stress, Discrimination, and Social Support
Sung-wan Kang, PhD, Missouri State University; Jacob Goffnett, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Shuo Xu, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Social Work Practice (SWP)
Ethical Issues
To Report or Not to Report?: Domestic Violence Advocates' Decision Making When Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Melanie Carlson, MSW, Michigan State University; Carrie Moylan, PhD, Michigan State University; Erik Wittrup, MSW, Michigan State University; Daniel Velez Ortiz, PhD, Michigan State University
Evidence Based Practice
Role of Narrowband Symptom Measures in Diagnostic Assessment of Adult ADHD
Michele Patak-Pietrafesa, MSW, Ohio State University
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors (SM&AB)
Family, Workplace, and Community
Long-Term Family Poverty and the Heterogeneity of Depression and Substance Use Problems in Early Adulthood
Hsing-Jung Chen, PhD, National Taiwan Normal University; Yi-Fu Chen, PhD, National Taipei University
Substances: Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescription and Other Drugs
Examining the Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and E-Cigarette Use during Young Adulthood: The Role of Impulsive Personality
Sunny Shin, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; David Conley, MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University; Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)
Dating Violence
Exploring Latinx Youth Experiences of Digital Dating Abuse
Jenny McCullough Cosgrove, MSW, Arizona State University; Lauren Reed, PhD, Arizona State University
Human Trafficking
Examining Commonly Reported Sex Trafficking Indicators from Practitioners' Perspectives: A Pilot Study
Lara Gerassi, MSW, LCSW, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison; Andrea Nichols, Ph.D., Forest Park Community College/Washington University in St. Louis
Intimate Partner Violence
Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization on Health Outcomes Among College Students
Jisuk Seon, MSW, Michigan State University; Hyunkag Cho, PhD, Michigan State University; Ilan Kwon, PhD, Michigan State University; Sung Hyun Yun, PHD, University of Windsor; Y. Joon Choi, Ph.D., MSW, MA, University of Georgia; Esther Son, PhD, MSW, College of Staten Island, The City University of New York; Seunghye Hong, PhD, University of Hawai`i; Soonok An, PhD, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; Ga-Young Choi, PhD, California State University, Los Angeles; Jungeun Olivia Lee, MSW, PhD, University of Southern California
Intimate Partner Violence
A Better Tomorrow: Perspectives of Emergency Shelter Residents on the Most Useful Domestic Violence Services
Amy Chanmugam, PhD, LCSW, University of Texas at San Antonio; Kellie Lynch, PhD, University of Texas at San Antonio; Dylan Jackson, PhD, University of Texas at San Antonio
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