Society for Social Work and Research 27th Annual Conference - Social Work Science and Complex Problems: Battling Inequities + Building Solutions: Special Interest Groups

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Special Interest Groups

Friday, January 13, 2023

7:00 AM-8:00 AM

[Special Interest Groups] Acamamas: Academic Mothers (Paradise Valley, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Cristina Mogro-Wilson, PhD , Nalini Negi, PhD and Danielle Parrish, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Children & Youth Behavioral Health Policy and Services Research (North Mountain, 2nd Level)
Convener: Abel Mwebembezi

[Special Interest Groups] Community and Neighborhood SIG (Encanto B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Cheryl Hyde, PhD and Mary Ohmer, PhD, MSW, MPIA

[Special Interest Groups] Gun Violence (Encanto A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Mickey Sperlich, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Historical Research in Social Work (Hospitality 4 - Room 428, 4th Level)
Conveners: Justin Harty, PhD and Laura Curran, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] How Socially and Racially Justice Informed Are Social Work Practitioners? (Camelback A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Jibril Solomon, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Human Rights and Social Work (Valley of the Sun E, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Jane McPherson, PhD, MPH, LCSW and David Androff, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Immigrant and Refugee Studies (Maryvale A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Wooksoo Kim, PhD , Mitra Naseh, PhD , Mary Held, PhD, LCSW and Michaela Zajicek-Farber, PhD, BCD, LCSW-C

[Special Interest Groups] Implementation Research (Cave Creek, 3rd Level)
Convener: Geetha Gopalan, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Kinship & Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (Estrella, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Nancy Mendoza, Ph.D. and Yanfeng Xu, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Lived Experience, the Lived Experience/Peer Workforce & Social Work (Maryvale B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Elizabeth M.Z. Farmer, PhD , Amanda Cruce, MSW , Nev Jones, PhD and Ryan Dougherty, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Mainstreaming Gender in the Grand Challenges (Desert Sky, 3rd Level)
Convener: Jill Messing, MSW, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Mental Health with Underserved Individuals and Groups (Alhambra, 2nd Level)
Convener: Megan McCoy, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Multi-System Children and Youth (Valley of the Sun D, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Karen Kolivoski, PhD, MSW and Sherri Simmons-Horton, PhD

12:30 PM-1:30 PM

[Special Interest Groups] Abolitionist Social Work (Maryvale B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Brianna Suslovic, MSW , Melanie Sonsteng-Person, PhD and Noor Toraif, MA

[Special Interest Groups] Achieve Equal Opportunity and Justice (Valley of the Sun B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Rocio Calvo, PhD and Jorge Delva, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Advance Long and Productive Lives (North Mountain, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Ernest Gonzales, PhD, MSSW , Jacquelyn James, PhD , Christina Matz, PhD , Nancy Morrow-Howell, PhD and Michelle Putnam, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Advanced Illness, Palliative, and End of Life Care Special Interest Group (Laveen A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Frances Nedjat-Haiem, PhD and Faith Hopp, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Anthropology and Social Work (Desert Sky, 3rd Level)
Conveners: Katherine Gibson, PhD , John Doering-White, PhD and Hannah Norwood, AM

[Special Interest Groups] Build Financial Capability and Assets for All - SIG (Valley of the Sun A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Lissa Johnson, MSW and Julie Birkenmaier

[Special Interest Groups] Building Healthy Relationships to End Violence Grand Challenge (Estrella, 2nd Level)
Convener: Patricia L. Kohl, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Building a 21st Century Research Agenda to Increase the Use of Research in Child Welfare Decision-Making – Establishing a Child Welfare Research Network. (Camelback B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Kimberly DuMont, PhD , Brittany Mihalec-Adkins , Peter Pecora, PhD , Cynthia Weaver, PhD and Mary McKay, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] CSWE Minority Fellowship Program (Ahwatukee B, 2nd Level)
Convener: Kesslyn Brade Stennis, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Competency-Based Education in Social Work (Hospitality 1 - Room 443, 4th Level)
Convener: Haresh Dalvi, MSW

[Special Interest Groups] Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment (Grand Challenge) (Encanto B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Praveen Kumar, PhD and Dorlisa J. Minnick, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Criminal and Juvenile Justice (Encanto A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Susan McCarter, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Critical Feminisms (Hospitality 2 - Room 444, 4th Level)
Conveners: Sam Harrell, MSW and Sara Goodkind, PhD, MSW

[Special Interest Groups] Eliminate Racism (South Mountain, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Martell Teasley, PhD and Michael Spencer, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] End Homelessness Grand Challenge (Ahwatukee A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Benjamin Henwood, PhD and Deborah Padgett

[Special Interest Groups] Equity in New Mobilities and Transportation (Valley of the Sun E, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Anne Nordberg, PhD , Sarah Leat, PhD and Courtney Cronley, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Fatherhood Related Research SIG (Paradise Valley, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Tova Walsh, PhD and Otima Doyle, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Field Education (Camelback A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Stacey De Fries, MSW

[Special Interest Groups] GADE Social Work Doctoral Education SIG (Laveen B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Denise Burnette, PhD , Julia Henly, PhD and G. Lawrence Farmer, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Journal of Community Practice Editiorial Board (Alhambra, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Mary Ohmer, PhD, MSW, MPIA , Amy Mendenhall, PhD , Michelle Carney, PhD and Deborah Adams, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Social Work and First-Episode/Early Course Psychosis (Valley of the Sun D, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Jessica A. Wojtalik, PhD , Shelly Ben-David, PhD , Shannon Blajeski, PhD , Lindsay A. Bornheimer, PhD , Jordan DeVlyder, PhD , Shaun M. Eack, PhD , Nev Jones, PhD and Matthew Smith, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Social Work in Wars and Civil Unrest (Cave Creek, 3rd Level)
Convener: Aytakin Huseynli, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Work and Work-Life Policies and Programs (Maryvale A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Alejandra Pilarz, PhD and Dylan Bellisle, PhD

Saturday, January 14, 2023

7:00 AM-8:00 AM

[Special Interest Groups] CANCELLED: Grand Challenge to Eradicate Social Isolation and Enhance Social Support (Valley of the Sun D, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Suzanne Brown, PhD , Melissa Bessaha, PhD, LMSW, MA , Michelle Munson, PhD , Erika Sabbath, ScD and Robert Cosby, PhD.

[Special Interest Groups] Ensure Healthy Development for Youth (Valley of the Sun E, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Kimberly Bender, PhD , Melissa Lippold, PhD and Valerie Shapiro, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Foster Care and Higher Education SIG (Maryvale A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Amy Salazar, PhD , Angelique Day, PhD and Lisa Schelbe, PhD, MSW

[Special Interest Groups] Harness Technology for Social Good (Grand Challenge) (Valley of the Sun C, 2nd Level)
Convener: Jonathan Singer

[Special Interest Groups] Korean American Social Work Educators Association (Camelback A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Y. Joon Choi, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Oncology SIG (Desert Sky, 3rd Level)
Convener: Chiara Acquati, PhD, MSW

[Special Interest Groups] Policy Research & Social Work (Alhambra, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Vincent Fusaro, PhD , Margaret Thomas, PhD , David Rothwell , Yu-Ling Chang, PhD and Kristina Nikolova, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Promote Smart Decarceration (Estrella, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Pajarita Charles, PhD , Matt Epperson, PhD , Ashley Jackson, MSW , Durrell Washington, MSW and Carrie Pettus, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Qualitative Special Interest Group (Encanto A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Quenette L. Walton, PhD, LCSW and Elizabeth A. Bowen, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Queer Students in Social Work Research (QSSWR) (Encanto B, 2nd Level)
Convener: Chenglin Hong, MSW, MPH

[Special Interest Groups] Reducing Extreme Economic Inequality (Grand Challenge) (Maryvale B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Trina Shanks, PhD , Laura Lein, PhD and Jennifer Romich

[Special Interest Groups] Resilience and Strengths-Based Research SIG (Paradise Valley, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Susan Yoon, PhD , Sheila Barnhart, PhD and Kristen A. Berg, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Social Work and Research with Muslims (Camelback B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Altaf Husain, PhD and Tarek Zidan, PhD

12:30 PM-1:30 PM

[Special Interest Groups] Addictive Behaviors (Alhambra, 2nd Level)
Convener: Alan Davis, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Advancing Latinx-Focused Research (Hospitality 3 - Room 432, 4th Level)
Convener: Rocio Calvo, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Associate Research Deans and Directors SIG (Valley of the Sun A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Nancy Rolock, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Child Welfare SIG (Laveen A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Michelle Johnson-Motoyama, Ph.D.

[Special Interest Groups] Close the Health Gap (Camelback B, 2nd Level)
Convener: Michael Spencer, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Data Science (Desert Sky, 3rd Level)
Convener: Kevin White, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Disability (Encanto B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Lauren Bishop, PhD and Elizabeth Lightfoot, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Disaster and Climate Research (Valley of the Sun E, 2nd Level)
Convener: Regardt Ferreira, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Health Equity & Families (South Mountain, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Ann Nguyen, PhD and Katrina Ellis

[Special Interest Groups] Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) and Social Work (Laveen B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Janet Hoy-Gerlach, PhD and Lisa Townsend, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Maternal and Infant Mental Health (Hospitality 1 - Room 443, 4th Level)
Conveners: Rena Bina, PhD , Sarah Kye Price, PhD , Mcclain Sampson, PhD and Ruth Paris

[Special Interest Groups] Organizations and Management SIG (Camelback A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Sunggeun (Ethan) Park, PhD and Bridgette Davis

[Special Interest Groups] Pediatric Health and Social Work (Ahwatukee A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Michael Killian, PhD and Sonnie Mayewski, MSW

[Special Interest Groups] Research with Service Members, Veterans, Family Members and Their Systems of Care (Valley of the Sun B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Elisa Borah, PhD and Abby Blankenship, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] School Social Work and School Based Research SIG (Estrella, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Aaron Thompson, PhD and Franklin Cynthia, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (Paradise Valley, 2nd Level)
Convener: Stephen Edward McMillin, PhD, AM (MSW)

[Special Interest Groups] Social Work Supervision and Workforce Development Scholars (Cave Creek, 3rd Level)
Conveners: Karen Sewell, PhD and Daniel Kaplan, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Social Work and Reproductive Justice (Hospitality 2 - Room 444, 4th Level)
Conveners: Emma Carpenter, PhD, MSW and Anu Manchikanti Gomez, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Social Work and Research with Multiracial Individuals and Families (Encanto A, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Kelly Jackson, PhD and Gina Samuels, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Universal Basic Income and Guaranteed Income Policies and Research (Valley of the Sun D, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Dylan Bellisle, PhD and Leah Hamilton, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Violence Against Women and Children (Ahwatukee B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Meredith Bagwell Gray, PhD and M. Candace Christensen, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Well-Being of Black Women and Girls (WBBWG) (North Mountain, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Marquitta Dorsey, Ph.D. and Abigail Williams-Butler, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Workforce Health and Well-Being Among Social Work Professions (Maryvale B, 2nd Level)
Conveners: Amy He, PhD , Robin Leake, PhD and Sharon Kollar, MSW

[Special Interest Groups] Youth Behavioral Health Policy and Services Research (Maryvale A, 2nd Level)
Convener: Genevieve Graaf, PhD

[Special Interest Groups] Youth and Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness (Hospitality 4 - Room 428, 4th Level)
Convener: Narendorf Sarah, PhD