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276 ePoster Presentations X

Saturday, January 14, 2023: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Phoenix C, 3rd Level (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)
* noted as presenting author
Adolescent and Youth Development (ADOL)
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Needs Assessment of C-First of Ohio: Children of First Incident Responders Support Team
Karla Shockley McCarthy, MSW, LSW, Ohio State University; Sarah Parmenter, MSW, Ohio State University; Joselyn Sarabia, BSSW, Ohio State University; Rylee Mirabile, Ohio State University; Jennie Babcock, MSW, Ohio State University; Steven Click, Ohio Department of Public Safety; Kim Kehl, Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services
Adolescent Sexual Health/Reproduction
Depression and Parental Communication Are Associated with Increased Sexual Risk-Taking Intentions Among Adolescents Living with HIV in Uganda
Samuel Kizito, MBChB, MS, Washington University in St. Louis; Josephine Nabayinda, Washington University in Saint Louis; Joshua Kiyingi, MSTAT, Washington University in St. Louis; Flavia Namuwonge, MBA, International Center for Child Health and Development; Proscovia Nabunya, MSW, PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis; Ozge Sensoy Bahar, PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis; Vicent Ssentumbwe, BA,, Washington University in St. Louis; Natasja Magorokotho, Washington University in Saint Louis; Fred Ssewamala, PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis
Adolescent Substance Use and Abuse
"I Just be Chillin": Cbd Use & Anxiety Among College Students
Fahmida Afroz, MSW, University of Georgia; Jennie Pless, MSW, University of Georgia; Kasandra Dodd, MSW, University of Georgia; Jana Woodiwiss, LMSW, University of Georgia; Brian Graves, MSW, University of Georgia
Adolescents - Special Populations (Minority/Indigenous Youth)
Parent-Child Relationship and Adolescent Health Literacy in Mexico
Anna Bennion, BA, Brigham Young University; Steven Hoffman, PhD, Brigham Young University; David Wood, PhD, Brigham Young University
Transition Age Youth/Emerging Adulthood
Examining Employment Status and Earnings of Former Foster Youth By Discharge Type
Leah Bouchard, AM, Virginia Commonwealth University; Jamie Cage, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Aaron Kemmerer, MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University; Sunny Shin, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova, PhD, Masaryk University
Aging Services and Gerontology (A&G)
Caregiving for Older Adults
(see Poster Gallery) Digital Technology Use Among Older Adults in the U.S.: What Has Changed Since the COVID-19 Outbreak?
Xia Yu Chen, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Jennifer M. Evans, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Simon Mwima, MA, MPH, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Dora Watkins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Moses Okumu, PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Asian and Asian-Pacific Islander-Focused Research (AAPIFR)
Health and mental health
Other issues pertaining to the population
The Development of a Domestic Violence Bystander Awareness Intervention (B.R.A.K.E., the cycle) for South Asian Immigrants in the United States
Abha Rai, PhD, Loyola University Chicago; Nathan Perkins, PhD, Loyola University Chicago; Susan Grossman, PhD, Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University, Chicago
Black and African Diaspora Focused-Research (BADFR)
Child Welfare (CW)
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
(Withdrawn) What Works in Child Welfare: Expanding the Understanding of â₀Œevidence Basedâ₀� to Promote Greater Equity
Melanie Nadon, University of Chicago; Jennifer Mosley, PhD, University of Chicago; Ariel Maschke, A.M., University of Chicago; Nicole Marwell, PhD, University of Chicago
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
A Meta-Regression of Racial Disparities in Wellbeing Outcomes during and after Foster Care
Reeve Kennedy, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University; Marina Potter, MA, The Pennsylvania State University; Sarah Font, PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
Prevention and Intervention
Understanding Ethno-Racial Disproportionality in Philadelphia's Child Welfare System to Enhance Cross-Agency Primary Prevention Strategies
Allison Thompson, PhD, City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families; Eliza Ziegler, City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families; Samantha Rivera Joseph, City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families; Latasha Forteau, City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families
Communities and Neighborhoods (C&N)
Community organizing/mobilization and collective action
"They're Not Closing This School, We Won't Let Them"
Kevin Miller, MA, Dominican University
Community organizing/mobilization and collective action
Mutual Efficacy, Self-Efficacy, and Power As a Resident Scale (English Version): Testing Predictors of Neighborhood Activism and Household Activism
Michael Gearhart, PhD, University of Missouri-Saint Louis; Yuichi Watanabe, Ph.D., Musashino University
Neighborhood indicators/effects and community health/well-being
Are FDA Compliance Checks Equitable? a Profile Analysis and Geospatial Analysis
Mariam Rashid, MPH, Rutgers University; Joseph G.L. Lee, PhD, East Carolina University; Cory Morton, PhD, Rutgers University; Kristen Powell, PhD, Rutgers University; Andrew Peterson, PhD, Rutgers University
Crime and Criminal Justice (C&CJ)
Criminal Justice System
Juvenile Justice Administration
Screening, Service Provision, and Information Sharing Practices
Daniel Applegarth, MSW, University of California, Los Angeles; Benjamin Adams, M.S., National Institute of Justice
Disability (D)
Caregiving and Caregiving Supports
Caregiving and Caregiving Supports
Gender (G)
Reproductive Health
(see Poster Gallery) Perceptions of Abortion and Accessibility in Appalachia
Gretchen Ely, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Samantha Auerbach, University at Buffalo; Jessica Mencia, BA, State University of New York at Buffalo
Health (H)
Health care and medical social work
Healthcare Professionals’ Attitudes Toward Social Workers As Integrated Care Providers
Zachary Cooper, MSW, University of Georgia; Melissa Reitmeier, PhD, University of South Carolina; Samuel R. Bethel, MSW, University of South Carolina
Public health and infection diseases (HIV/AIDS, Covid-19)
Perceptions of Vaccine Safety and Hesitancy Among Incarcerated Adults and Correctional Staff in the Rural Midwest
Kelli Canada, PhD, LCSW, University of Missouri-Columbia; Ashley Givens, PHD, University of Missouri-Columbia; Beth Huebner, PhD, University of Missouri-Saint Louis; Janet Garcia-Hallett, PhD, University of New Haven; Elizabeth Taylor, MA, University of Missouri-Columbia; Victoria Inzana, MA, University of Missouri-Saint Louis; Daniel Edwards, Jr., MA, Department of Corrections; Clark Peters, PhD, JD, University of Missouri-Columbia; Dana Plunkett Cafourek, BA, Department of Corrections
Public health and infection diseases (HIV/AIDS, Covid-19)
Health Literacy and Adherence to COVID Public Health Guidelines Among Parents and Youth in Mexico
Steven Hoffman, PhD, Brigham Young University; Dayna Kirby, MSW, Brigham Young University
Public health and infection diseases (HIV/AIDS, Covid-19)
Social, structural, and political determinants of health
(see Poster Gallery) Socioeconomic Disparities in Health Outcomes in the United States: Results from Four National Population-Based Studies
Yeonwoo Kim, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Christian Vazquez, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Catherine Cubbin, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Immigrants and Refugees (I&R)
Immigrant health and mental health
(see Poster Gallery) The Role of Social Exclusion and Self-Concealment in Depression Among North Korean Refugee Women in South Korea
Boyoung Nam, PhD, Yonsei University; Yeonjae Hwang, Yonsei University; Hwajin Chun, Yonsei University
Immigration policy and enforcement
Refugee resettlement policies and practice
Risk and Protective Factors of Mental Health Outcomes Among Refugee Youths Who Resettled to the United States: A Scoping Review
Shih-Ying Cheng, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago; Mary Held, PhD, LCSW, The University of Tennessee; Shandra Forrest-Bank, PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (IP&SWP)
Homelessness and Housing
Short-Term Outcomes Among Substance Using Participants in a Rapid Rehousing Program: The H.O.P.E. Project
Orion Mowbray, PhD, University of Georgia; Robinson Michael, PhD, University of Georgia; Elena Tenant, MSW, University of Georgia; Brian Graves, MSW, University of Georgia; Jay D. O'Shields, MSW, University of Georgia; Gregory Purser, PhD, University of Georgia
Homelessness and Housing
(see Poster Gallery) Student Experiences in a College-Focused Rapid Rehousing Program: Exploration of Two State University Campuses
Susanna Curry, PhD, California State University, Sacramento; Molly Calhoun, PhD, California State University, Chico; Stephanie Macado, DrPH, California State University, Chico; Arturo Baiocchi, PhD, California State University, Sacramento; Felicia Vasquez, MSW, California State University, Sacramento; Francis David, MSW, California State University, Sacramento
International Social Work & Global Issues (ISW&GI)
Comparative studies, policy and practice
LatinX Focused-Research (LXFR)
Substance use and prevention
Drinking Motives and Increased Alcohol Use Among Latino Populations during COVID-19
Gabrielle Scott, MA, University of Texas at Arlington; Christian Vasquez, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington
Mental Health (MH)
(see Poster Gallery) Interrelationships between Personality Functioning and Psychopathology in Adults Experiencing Homelessness
Alida Moore, MSW, Places for People, Inc; Nathaniel Dell, AM, MSW, Saint Louis University
Mental Health Treatment and Services
(see Poster Gallery) Beliefs, Attitudes, and Knowledge of Complementary and Alternative Interventions Among Licensed Clinical Social Work Practitioners
Tina Vitolo, MSW, Florida Atlantic University; Morgan Cooley, PhD, Florida Atlantic University; Diane Sherman, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University; Darren Weissman, DC, The LifeLine Wellness Center
Systems of Care
Preference for Behavioral Health Training Among Law Enforcement Officers in Rural Alabama: Is It Different By Gender?
Cho Rong Won, MSW, University of Alabama; Lester Kern, University of Chicago; Zhichao Hao, MSW, University of Alabama; Hee Yun Lee, PhD, University of Alabama
Organizations & Management (O&M)
Management Science and Leadership Studies
Need-Driven Strategies in Hong Kong Social Service Management: Facilitating Positive Growth within Multidisciplinary Teams
Florence Wong, Master of Counselling, University of Toronto; Shaelynn Hsu, BA candidate, York University; Abigail Lash-Ballew, MSW, University of Toronto; A. Ka Tat Tsang, PhD, University of Toronto
Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Well being
Race and Ethnicity (R&E)
Antiracist Praxis in Schools Supporting Racial Identity Development
Cecily Davis, MSW, University of Pittsburgh
Research Design and Measurement (RD&M)
Psychometric Properties of Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-II in U.S International College Students: An Item Response Theory Analysis
G. Lawrence Farmer, PhD, Fordham University; Yuhan Wei, MSW, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Research on Social Work Education (RSWE)
Engaged Teaching and Learning
Architecture of Mentoring Social Work Adjunct Educators: An Autoethnography of Australian Academics
Rohena Round, Masters, Western Sydney University; George Turner, PhD, Western Sydney University; Dibya Shree Chhetry, MSW (Q), Western Sydney University
Evaluation Research
Evaluating the Ideate Integrated Behavioral Health Fellowship to Create a Diverse Interprofessional Workforce Serving Children, Adolescents and Transition-Aged Youth
Chireau White, MSW, Adelphi University School of Social Work; Chrisann Newransky, PhD, Adelphi University School of Social Work; Marissa Abram, PhD, Adelphi University College of Nursing and Public Health; Elizabeth Palley, PhD, Adelphi University School of Social Work
School Social Work (SSW)
School Climate and Culture Conducive to Student Learning and Teaching Excellence
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO&GI)
Health and Well-being
Early Sexual Debut As a Risk Indicator for Substance Use Among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Kazakhstan
Caitlin Laughney, MSW, Columbia University; Yong Gun Lee, MSW, Columbia University School of Social Work; Guakhar Mergenova, MD, Global Health Research Center of Central Asia; Vitaliy Vinogradov, Columbia University Global Health Research Center of Central Asia (GHRCCA); Gulnara Zhakupova, MSW, Columbia University Global Health Research Center of Central Asia (GHRCCA); Emily Allen Paine, PhD, Columbia University; Sholpan Primbetova, MS, MPharm, Columbia University Global Health Research Center of Central Asia (GHRCCA); Assel Terlikbayeva, MD, Columbia University Global Health Research Center of Central Asia (GHRCCA); Nabila El-Bassel, PhD, Columbia University School of Social Work; Elwin Wu, PhD, Columbia University
Health and Well-being
Social Work Practice (SWP)
Direct Practice
Ethical Issues
Evidence-Informed Strategies to Mitigate the Negative Effects of Social Worker’s Moral Distress
Sophia Fantus, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington; Rebecca Cole, MSW, University of Texas at Arlington; Lataya Hawkins, PhD, US Army; Priyanjali Chakraborty, University of Texas Arlington
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors (SM&AB)
Assessment, Measurement, and Research Methods
Development and Validation of the Need-Based Quality of Life Scale (NBQoL) for Psychotropic Drug Abusers
Xinyi Wei, Master of Social Policy, The University of Hong Kong; Frances Yik-Wa Law, PhD, The University of Hong Kong
Intervention: Prevention, Treatment, Services, and Recovery
(see Poster Gallery) Mutual-Help Group Participation for Substance Use Problems in the US: Correlates and Trends from 2002-2018
Audrey Hai, PhD, Tulane University; Sehun Oh, PhD, Ohio State University; Christina Lee, PhD, Boston University; John Kelly, PhD, Harvard University; Vaughn Michael, PhD, Saint Louis University; Christopher Salas-Wright, PhD, Boston College
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors over the Life Course
Sustainable Development, Urbanization, and Environmental Justice (SDU&E)
Climate change, extreme weather events, and natural disasters
A Systematic Review of Older Adults' Preparedness and Mitigation Strategies: Learnings and Opportunities for a Climate Ready Future
Fiona Doherty, MSW, Ohio State University; Smitha Rao, PhD, MSW, MSc, Ohio State University; Holly Dabelko-Schoeny, MSW, PhD, The Ohio State University
Environmental justice
Re-Envisioning Social Work Curricula: Ecosocial Work Is Everybody's Thing
Nicole Mattocks, PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore; Melissa Singh, EdD, University of Southern California; Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, Sacred Heart University; Meredith Powers, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Lauryn Smith, BA, University of Maryland School of Social Work; Kelly Smith, DSW, Adelphia University
Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)
Intersections of Violence & Trauma
Childhood Exposure to Family Violence and Adult Sibling Relationships
Jooyoung Kong, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jaime Goldberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Intimate Partner Violence
The Interplay of Acting and Not Acting in Response to Intimate Partner Violence Victimization
Lily Casura, MSW, University of Texas at San Antonio; Richard Harris, Ph.D., University of Texas at San Antonio; Amy Chanmugam, PhD, University of Texas at San Antonio
Work and Work-Life Policies and Programs (WWLP&P)
Workplace-based interventions
(see Poster Gallery) Behavioral Health Needs and Barriers to Care Among Soldiers Who Report Past Year Sexual Harassment and/or Sexual Assault
Ronald Whalen, PhD, Army Resilience Directorate/TIAG; Michael Kunhavijit, MSW, Army; Carrie Donoho, PhD, Army Resilience Directorate; James Anderson, PhD, Army Resilience Directorate; Teresa Powell, MS, Army Resilience Directorate/TIAG; Jennifer Phillips, MPH, Army Resilience Directorate/TIAG; Maxwell Boyea, BS, Army Resilience Directorate/TIAG
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