Session: ePoster Presentations V (Society for Social Work and Research 23rd Annual Conference - Ending Gender Based, Family and Community Violence)

134 ePoster Presentations V

Friday, January 18, 2019: 1:45 PM-3:15 PM
Continental Parlors 1-3, Ballroom Level (Hilton San Francisco)
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Adolescent and Youth Development (ADOL)
Adolescent Health
Firearm-Related Suicide Among Youth and Young Adults
Mi Jin Choi, PhD, Texas State University
Adolescent Mental Disorders and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Foster Care Alumni's Perception of Psychotropic Medication Use While in Foster Care
Margarita Villagrana, PhD, San Diego State University; Sei-Young Lee, PhD, University of Northern Iowa
Adolescents Special Populations (Minority/Indigenous Youth)
Is There a Need for LGBT-Specific Suicide Crisis Services?
Daniel Green, MSW, University of Southern California; Jeremy Goldbach, PhD, University of Southern California; Harmony Rhoades, PhD, University of Southern California
Adolescent Substance Use and Abuse
The Impact of Maltreatment Type on Adolescent Substance Use: The Role of Deviant Peer Affiliation
Dalhee Yoon, MSW, Case Western Reserve University; Susan Yoon, PhD, Ohio State University; Susan Snyder, PhD, Georgia State University
Adolescent Violence/Delinquency/Homelessness
Peer Victimization, Internalizing Problems, and Substance Use in Urban African American Adolescents in Chicago: The Relevance of the Self-Medication Hypothesis
Jun Sung Hong, PhD, Wayne State University; Yi-Ping Hsieh, PhD, University of North Dakota; Kelly Valencik, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ryan Russ, MSW, Wayne State University; Dexter Voisin, PhD, University of Chicago
Transition Age Youth/Emerging Adulthood
Aging Services and Gerontology (A&G)
Caregiving for Older Adults
"I Lost My Freedom": Exploring the Challenges of Caregiving for Vietnamese American Dementia Family Caregivers
Michelle Zaragoza, MSW, California State University, Dominguez Hills; Natalie Wussler, BSW, St. Olaf College; Hannah Nguyen, PhD, California State University, Dominguez Hills; Jung-Ah Lee, PhD, RN, University of California, Irvine
Long Term and Palliative Care
Mental Health
Spousal Bereavement: Factors Associated with Depression and Life Satisfaction
Lisa Doot Abinoja, MA, LCSW, Trinity Christian College
Social Networks & Supports
Typology of Social Networks and Its Relationship to Psychological Well-Being in Korean Adults
Nan Sook Park, PhD, University of South Florida; Soondool Chung, PhD, Ewha Womans University; David Chiriboga, PhD, University of South Florida
American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Global Indigenous Populations (Indigenous Cluster)
Child Welfare (CW)
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
The Uptake and Landscape of Council on Accreditation (COA) in Public Child Welfare
Madeline Lee, MSSW, PhD, California State University, San Marcos
Child Welfare Services, Systems, and Workforce
Title IV-E Stipend Support: Conflicted Motivations for Choosing to Work in Child Welfare
Marissa O'Neill, PhD, MSW, Humboldt State University; Greta Slater, PhD, MSW, Ball State University
Kinship/Foster Care/Adoption
Examining Public Perceptions about Kinship Care: An Exploratory Study
Joann Lianekhammy, University of Kentucky; Janet Kurzynske, University of Kentucky; J. Jay Miller, University of Kentucky; Eun Koh, PhD, The Catholic University of America
Prevention and Intervention
Prevention and Intervention
Testing the Stress Sensitization Hypothesis with a Prospective Sample of Child Welfare Involved and Non-Child Welfare Involved Individuals
Ashley Rousson, MSW, University of Washington; Charles Fleming, MA, University of Washington; Todd Herrenkohl, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Spanking and Young Children's Socioemotional Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Garrett Pace, MSW, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Shawna Lee, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Communities and Neighborhoods (C&N)
Community based participatory research
Community-Based Participatory Research to Address Neighborhood Health Disparities
Andrew Foell, MSW, MPP, Washington University in Saint Louis; Jason Purnell, PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis; Rachel Barth, MSW, Washington University in St. Louis; Michelle Witthaus, BA, Washington University in St. Louis; Derek Holland, BS, Washington University in Saint Louis; Laura Kozak, MBA, Grace Hill Settlement House; Timetria Murphy-Watson, MSW, Grace Hill Settlement House; Sal Martinez, BS, North Newstead Association; Rebecca Harbison, BA, Grace Hill Settlement House
Neighborhood indicators/effects and community health/well-being
Parent-Child Communication in Disorganized Neighborhoods: Helping South African Caregivers Talk to Their Children to Reduce Risk Behaviors
Tyrone M. Parchment, PhD, LCSW, Boston College; Latoya A. Small, PhD, Luskin School of Public Affairs; Arvin Bhana, PhD, Centre for Rural Health
Crime and Criminal Justice (C&CJ)
Criminal Justice System
Structural and Criminogenic Risk Factors Associated with Probation Violations
Ashley Givens, PHD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Kirsten Kainz, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Gary Cuddeback, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Amy Blank Wilson, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Disability (D)
Caregiving and Caregiving Supports
Discrimination and Disparities
Vietnamese College Students with Visual Impairments: Their Self-Perceptions of Stigmatization Due to a Disability and Their Coping Strategies
Tuyen Bui, MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Terry Ostler, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gender (G)
Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender
Stories of Strength: Young African American Women
Jessica Nobile, PhD, MSW, LISW, Cleveland State University
Health (H)
Health and Illness
Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Experiences of Young Adult Cancer Survivors during the Transition from Active Treatment to Survivorship Care
Casey Walsh, MSW, The University of Texas at Austin; Brad Zebrack, PhD, MSW, MPH, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Jennifer Currin-McCulloch, MSW, The University of Texas at Austin; Pam Simon, NP, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital; Barbara Jones, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Health Promotion and Education
Substance Use Related Harms in College Students: Latent Class Analysis of Personal Consequences and Secondhand Effects
Meri Stiles, PhD, Daemen College; Christopher Rice, PhD, Florida International University
Inclusion, Access and Disparities
Double Barriers to Health Care Services for Rural Older Adults with Functional Disabilities
Sok An, PhD, MSSW, Korea Rural Economic Institute; Youjung Lee, PhD, LMSW, State University of New York at Binghamton; Kyeonghee Jang, PhD, LMSW, Abilene Christian University
Public Health Social Work
Predictors of Healthy Food Store Shopping Among Rural Residents
Cristian Meier, PhD, Utah State University
Immigrants and Refugees (I&R)
Immigrant adaptation
Immigrant health and mental health
Family Cohesion, Marital Role-Sharing, and Mental Health for Asian American Men and Women
Eunwoo Lee, MSW, State University of New York at Albany; Lynn Warner, PhD, State University of New York at Albany
Refugee resettlement policies and practice
Exploring a Collaborative Response to Urban Refugees in Thailand: The Case of Somalis and Pakistanis in Bangkok
Aster Tecle, PhD, University of Utah; Rosey Hunter, PhD, University of Utah; Kara Byrne, PhD, University of Utah
Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (IP&SWP)
Homelessness and Housing
Profiles of Children's Early Childhood Hardships: Links with Children's Kindergarten Readiness
Youngmin Cho, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Haenim Lee, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Jiho Park, MA, Case Western Reserve University; Claudia Coulton, Case Western Reserve University
International Social Work & Global Issues (ISW&GI)
Comparative studies, policy and practice
Typologies of Risk Factors and Children's Subjective Well-Being across 16 Countries
Hijae Jung, BA, Sungkyunkwan University; Jisu Park, Master Degree, Sungkyunkwan University; Yoonsun Han, PhD, Sungkyunkwan University
International Development (economic, human and social
Mental Health (MH)
Mental Health Treatment and Services
Psychiatric Epidemiology
Police Victimization Exposure Among Adults Diagnosed with Mental Disorders
Hyun-Jin Jun, PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore; Jordan DeVylder, PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore; Lisa Fedina, MSW, University of Maryland, Baltimore; Richard Barth, PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Serious Mental Illness
Won't You be My Neighbor?: Neighbors As Distal Support for Individuals with SMI
Liat S. Kriegel, PhD, Washington State University; Greg Townley, PhD, Portland State University; Eugene Brusilovskiy, MUSA, Temple University; Mark Salzer, PhD, Temple University
Trauma Exposure
Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) and Mental Health in Young Adulthood
Haenim Lee, PhD, Case Western Reserve University; Youngmi Kim, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; Jasmine Terry, BA, Virginia Commonwealth University
Military Service Members, Veterans and Their Families (MSVF)
Military sexual trauma (MST)
Ending Military Sexual Assault: Development and Pilot Testing of a Skills-Based Sexual Assault Prevention Training for Military Service Members
Ashley Schuyler, MPH, Oregon State University; Sara Kintzle, PhD, University of Southern California; Carl Castro, PhD, University of Southern California
Organizations & Management (O&M)
Implementation Science- Evaluation, Diffusion and Sustainment of Policies and Program Practices
Cultural Exchanger: Using a Narrative Approach to Evaluate a Culturally-Based Family Agency
Kendall Johnson, MSW, Boston University; Xian Zhang, MS MA, Tufts University; Judith C. Scott, PhD, Boston University
Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Well being
The Pool of Available Talent Is Shallow, the Needs Are Great: Competition for Qualified Personnel Among Mental Health Organizations
Alicia Bunger, PhD, Ohio State University; Mi Sun Choi, MSW, Ohio State University; Hannah MacDowell, Ohio State University
Race and Ethnicity (R&E)
Ethnic Minority Groups
Source of Health Information and Unmet Healthcare Needs in Asian Americans
Yuri Jang, PHD, University of Texas at Austin; JungWon Yoon, University of South Florida; Nan Sook Park, PhD, University of South Florida
Research Design and Measurement (RD&M)
Quantitative Research
WITHDRAWN: Pilot for Success: Results and Learnings from Pilot Studies in Criminal Justice and Homelessness
Rob Butters, PhD, University of Utah; Kort Prince, PHD, University of Utah; Christian Sarver, MSW, University of Utah; Erin Worwood, MCJ, University of Utah
Research on Social Work Education (RSWE)
Educational Outcomes
Utilizing Standardized Actors to Measure Clinical Skills in Social Work Education Research
Sara Ozuna, MA, University of Southern California; Hazel Atuel, PhD, University of Southern California; Sara Kintzle, PhD, University of Southern California
School Social Work (SSW)
Education, Behavior, and Mental Health Services and Practices
School Climate and Culture Conducive to Student Learning and Teaching Excellence
Making PBIS a Culturally Responsive Practice: Lessons from One School District
Jessica Yang, PhD, Winthrop University; Yolanda Anyon, PhD, University of Denver
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO&GI)
Health and Well-being
Venues and Geosocial Networking Apps: What Is the Relationship between in-Person Versus Digital Gay Community Involvement and Risk for Young Sexual Minority Men?
Jeremy Gibbs, PhD, University of Georgia; John Senese, MSW, University of Southern California; Jeremy Goldbach, PhD, University of Southern California
Policy and Practice
Homeless Youth Shelters and Services for Transgender Clients: Results from a Nationwide Survey
Pam H. Bowers, PhD, MSW, Humboldt State University; Donna Aguiniga, PhD, University of Alaska Anchorage; David Reamer, BA, Southern New Hampshire University; Jordann Reynolds, BSW, University of Alaska Anchorage
Social Work Practice (SWP)
Evidence Based Practice
Examining Provider Factors Supporting the Adoption and Use of Evidence-Based Practices for Outpatient Mental Health Clinics Serving Youth
Hanni Flaherty, PhD, New York University; Lindsay Bornheimer, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Emily Hamovitch, MSW, MPH, New York University; Elene Garay, LMSW, New York University; Maria Mini, LMSW, New York University; Mary Acri, PhD, New York University; Mary McKay, PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors (SM&AB)
Addictive Behaviors and Co-Occurring Problems
Drug Use, Mental Health, Culture and Gender Based Violence: Results from an Exploratory Study Among Men in Residential Treatment
Laura Ting, PhD, Social Work; Subadra Panchanadeswaran, PhD, Adelphi University; Beverly Araujo-Dawson, PhD, Adelphi University
Intervention: Prevention, Treatment, Services, and Recovery
Connecting Opioid Overdose Survivors to Treatment and Recovery Support: Early Findings from a Promising Intervention Delivered By Peers and Patient Navigators
Peter Treitler, MSW, Rutgers University; Kristen Powell, PhD, Rutgers University; N. Andrew Peterson, PhD, Rutgers University; Donald Hallcom, PhD, New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services; Suzanne Borys, EdD, New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors Policy
Barriers to Health Information Technology Adoption: Understanding the Value of Data and Being Able to Use It
Bikki Tran Smith, MA, MSW, University of Chicago; Clifford Bersamira, PhD, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa; Amanda Abraham, PhD, University of Georgia; Colleen Grogan, PhD, University of Chicago; Harold Pollack, PhD, University of Chicago; Christina Andrews, PhD, University of South Carolina; Peter Friedmann, MD, MPH, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Sustainable Development, Urbanization, and Environmental Justice (SDU&E)
Food security
Examining Patterns of Informal Food Support Use Among Low-Income Adults: Findings from the 2016 Current Population Survey
Kaipeng Wang, PhD, Texas State University; Yoosun Chu, MSc, MSW, Boston College; Margaret Lombe, PhD, Boston College
Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)
Children Exposed to Violence
Previous Exposure to Child Maltreatment and the Effects of Subsequent Witnessed Violence: Results from a National High Risk Sample
Caitlin Elsaesser, PhD, University of Connecticut; Colleen Katz, PhD, Hunter College; Lorin Mordecai, MSW, University of Connecticut
Human Trafficking
The Intervention and Reintegration Experiences of Human Trafficking Survivors and at-Risk Women in West Africa
Giselle Balfour, PhD, University of Georgia; David Okech, University of Georgia
Intimate Partner Violence
My Partner's Violence Cannot Deter Me from Getting Better: Evidence of Self-Efficacy, Help-Seeking Behaviors and Mental Health Correlates Among Black Women Under Community Supervision in New York City
Dawn Goddard-Eckrich, EdD, Columbia University School of Social Work; Srishti Sardana, MSC, MA, Teachers College; Timothy Hunt, PhD, Columbia University; Stacey Shaw, PhD, Brigham Young University; Adriana Castro Rossel, BA, Columbia University; Lucia Maria Vicente, BSW, Columbia University; Mingway Chang, PhD, Columbia University; Louisa Gilbert, PhD, Columbia University; Ariel Richer, MSW, Columbia University
Intimate Partner Violence
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